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A Guide for Using Newsletter Subscription for Your Ecommerce Store

E-mail plays an important role also in ecommerce as it does in various business areas. You can send easily the details about the order of the customer and shipping conditions. But an e-mail in the form of a newsletter is something much more. With high impression and low cost it can be used as a marketing method. It can be possible to increase customer loyalty and direct sales if the newsletter strategy is created in the right way. Business models in some ecommerce sites as group shopping are entirely based on newsletter. Related Post: 17 Email Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Sales Success We answered three of the most important questions relating to newsletter that will be very helpful in marketing for the owner of the ecommerce sites.

Is newsletter useful for me?

First of all newsletter is one of the best options to keep in touch with your current customers. Newsletters which are sent regularly and has effective content is one of the most impressive method to make your customers return. But you will recognize that all the members of your newsletter are not generated by your current customers. The potential customers who are interested in your online store and your products but haven’t got any chance to shop yet, would have chance to sign up your newsletter and they can follow the probable opportunities. In this case, newsletter wll be very useful to convert the potential customer to a real one. Related Post: Impact of the Email Open Rates – Convince People to Read and Respond to Your Emails

What should be found in the newsletter?

The content is very important as we indicated a lot of time before. To use an effective newsletter you need content. Do not forget that you need a strong content. We’ve stated before that newsletter is a marketing tool but it’s very important that you need to keep away from too much ads. To acquire the advantage you wish, your newsletter should be found attractive by your members. It would be a good choice to publish convenient contents with your online store. For instance if you have an ecommerce site relating to outdoor events, a text about how to use camping equipment will be useful. Sharing the top news and trends about your most attractive themes would probably make your customers satisfied. Besides it will be very useful to attract new customers, giving place to discounts into your newsletter which are founded in your online store. Related Post: Email Marketing Mistakes – Don’t Let People Judge Your Ecommerce Store Badly

How can I increase the number of my newsletter members?

First of all do not forget to limit the number of your newsletter receivers only with the members. Sending e-mail to everyone including those who do not want to receive is not ethical and will affect your brand in the negative way. In order to increase the number of your members, it should be good to give a place to a membership form which will be recognized easily on the homepage of your site to let the users sign up. In order to promote the users, it would be a good idea to present a discount coupon in case of signing up. Do not ignore to mention about your newsletter on your social media accounts and on other marketing activities. Thus you can make the users, who missed the membership form, be aware of the membership over your newsletter. When it is clicked to the link on these bulletins, the page shouln’t be the homepage. Prepare a special part for the newsletter and direct the links to this part. Newsletters are a well-rounded and free-of-cost way to reach your audience and deliver a targeted message. Shopio provides easy to use Newsletter form for your online store and you can easily start your Newsletter Marketing. Just see it by yourself via creating 14-day Free Trail of Shopio and start selling online with the privilege of integrated Newsletter Subscription form.


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