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5 Types of Internet Users That Will Probably Visit Your Ecommerce Store

If you want to sell more on your ecommerce store, it’s necessary to know your potential and existing customers well. It has a critical importance to know your potential customer’s expectations, behaviours and choices to make them buy on your online store. MasterCard, one of the biggest financial instutions, carried out a survey with 50 different questions and nearly 10000 response that would be useful for you about this issue. 5 basic customer type who shops online, around the world and the basic characteristics of them has been described. Let’s analyze this 5 shopper type that will probably visit your online store to purchase. Related Post: How to Define Your “Target Audience” for your E-commerce Business


This kind of customers use the internet actively and refer to mobile phones to compare prices when they are in physical stores. Mobile marketing and latest sale opportunities are the most effective methods to convert this user to customer.

Fearful Browsers

The users who act with doubts and fears about sharing personal information like credit cards, their names, last names or emails if they are not sure about the security process. So that the probability of sharing their informations or subscribing to your newsletter would be very low for them. Alternatively making the time of shopping shorter and more practical, would be useful to make customer decide purchasing.

Bargain Hunters

According to the data MasterCard acquired, the bargain hunters who are 21% of all the users, are aware that online shopping is a method that provide them to save both money and time. This kind of users are not cold to share their personal informations for promotions and discount. The best way to reach these users is e-mail marketing, mobile marketing and also organizing special campaigns… Related Post: [Infographic] What are People Really Buying Online


7 out of 10 in this group, 21% of all the users, who research social media actively before deciding to shop. Surely the most effective method to reach this users is social media marketing. Of course thinking this issue as content marketing and put your blog into use, would simplify your job.

Passive Users

As stated in the reseach, this audiences who are 17% of all the users is generated by people who choose to stay away from ecommerce. Passive users think that the things of digital age are not very important or valuable for themselves but they can be your potential customers besides you can reach them only by traditional marketing not by digital methods. It seems clear to me that when it comes improving sales and overall customer satisfaction, the key to using this research is understanding how to recognise each customer type and present content appropriate to that type. Different people have different expectations and goals when it comes to shopping. Designing with various user types in mind will help the overall user experience on your store. Related Post: It is Crucial for an Ecommerce Business: You Should Know About Your Customers!


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