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Tips to Write Effective Title Tags for Better SEO

Title tags are a part of Meta Tags (HTML elements) that can be seen at the top of your HTML within the area. They play the same role as the title of a book, which means their job is to tell people and search engines what your website is all about. In addition, these tags are the ones that actually show up in the search results so they are basically the determining factor used by people when they decide whether to visit your page or not. This tells us that the title tag is of the utmost importance for search engine optimization. A business needs to ensure that its title tags contain the keywords necessary to tell search engines and users about the content of your page. If you want to write effective title tags for better SEO, here are some of the tips you should bear in mind:

Only one title tag should be used per page

A lot of pages online either don’t use title tags or use multiple for a single webpage. Also, in some cases, they don’t place them in the tag and choose to use them in the tag. This is basically negating the potential value you can obtain through a title tag. If you want your code to stay valid and you want to benefit from the value inherent in this essential HTML element, you should use just one title tag for every page and make sure it is in the section instead of elsewhere.

Use top-performing keywords

The best keywords for your page should be used in your title tags. As a matter of fact, the words used in your title tags are so powerful that search ones often consider them the first valuable word used, then the second most valuable word and so on. Therefore, you have to use your title tags carefully. Research your keyword carefully and pay attention to the traffic generated by each keyword. Check the competitiveness of the keyword as well

Site branding should be at the end

As the keyword relevance in the title tag is in descending order, you should always put branding in the end unless your brand name is frequently searched. Also, in the case of pages other than your homepage, you can leave it out of the title tag altogether if you have other competing keywords in it.

Keep it to 70 characters

Long title tags are not going to earn you any points with search engines. The relevance of the keyword will end up at zero if you have exceeded a certain length. Also, the blue-link text in the search engine result pages also shows so many characters before it is truncated. It is best for you to stick to 70 characters along with spaces when you are writing a title tag. Otherwise, ellipses changes are going to truncate your tag length. Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to write effective title tags for better SEO.


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