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Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name in Ecommerce

Ecommerce entrepreneurs always have difficulty in finding the right domain name for their online business since almost all “acceptable” names are already taken. And it is really crucial to find a “suitable” name since it directly affects potential success of an ecommerce business. That’s why finding and selling domain name has turned into a contested ecommerce market. It is almost impossible to find a domain name with .com extensions nowadays. Even if these names are not currently in use, they wait for their new owners in return for high prices.

How a successful “domain name” should be:

  • Unique
  • Having extension
  • Easy to type, read and remember
  • Highly memorable
  • Reflecting your business
  • Without numbers and hyphens
  • Short and clear to be understood
  • Providing high-performance SEO
And the question is how to find the right name for your online business among millions of domains names and ecommerce sites. First of all, you need to decide that a name with high-performance SEO or a name suitable for branding is better for your project. If you plan to sell specific products or product groups, I recommend you to choose a SEO-compliant domain name. This is because your potential customers will prefer your online store for advantageous prices and products. So you have to make sure that all people searching for the products you sell can easily find your store. To achieve this, find a name including many of the most searched words. For example, if you sell pens in your online store, get domain names having the word of pen. “” website is a great example in this concept. Chad Weinman, the new owner of this domain name, announced that this name took the website over the top in search engines and was worth to pay much for it. If you fail to find a suitable name since they are already taken, you can create new words including popular keywords. If you plan not to limit your product range and business field, prefer a more general name reflecting wide-range services and products. Names which are more suitable for branding have basic criteria: easy-to-say, melodic, having positive connotations, short and clear. It doesn’t have to be meaningful since it will get a meaning in customers’ minds in time. Just pick up 5 top keywords reflecting your business and create names by combining them. Always remember, you really need to get a right domain name since your ecommerce company’s domain name is the first thing that your potential customers will encounter.


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