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Snapchat Tips for Ecommerce Store Owners

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat still appears to be new and foreign in the eye of most businesses. This is mostly because it is focused on sending photos and video messages, which eventually expire after a set duration and it is difficult to see any potential benefits of this particular social networking application. Snapchat is one of the most highly downloaded app in both Android and Apple stores and this weighs in its favor. Apart from that. Snapchat can come in handy for ecommerce store owners as it allows them to humanize their business, introduce and announce new products and stay a step ahead of their competition. Are you still now sure how to use Snapchat for your ecommerce store? Here are some tips for the owners that enable them to use this new social networking app effectively in their favor:

Showcasing new products

Statistics show that Snapchat users range between the ages of 18 and 34 and you can easily reach this audience in a personal way. This platform can come in extremely handy when you are introducing new products and you want them to get the necessary exposure. The app gets about 8 billion mobile views in a single day and you can capitalize on this audience by posting photos or sharing video message about your new product. Take several snaps of the product and make a Snapchat story explaining why it is worth checking out. You should ensure that you are using the language of the audience i.e. millennials and teens for the message to be understood.

Give out exclusive promotions

Ecommerce store owners can now use Snapchat for handing out exclusive promotions on the social networking app. You can offer visitors incentives to follow you on Snapchat or give them special discount and deals on the platform to boost traffic to your store. This increases the possibility of conversion and sales for your business. You can make it fun by adding an element of surprise. Offer discount to your Snapchat followers, but only disclose the discount when they open your Snap while in the store. Ecommerce store owners are able to capitalize on the fleeting nature of Snapchat in this way and engage with their customers on a new platform. This can also instilling loyalty amongst customers and others are more likely to join to take advantage of these offers.

Give your customers an insight into your business

Ecommerce store owners should realize that people have to have a great deal of trust in them to make purchases on their website. How can you buy a product from someone online when you don’t trust them? No one wants to be scammed and lose precious and hard-earned money. You can help your potential customers trust you by showing them behind the scenes videos and pictures of your operations. When they are able to have a personal look, they are more likely to see you as a real and human company rather than an aloof and distant one.


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