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[Infographic] Scoring Ecommerce in Brazil. 2014 World Cup Kicks Off Today!

Yes, it’s the day we’ve been waiting for. Finally, after waiting four years for the World Cup’s face to appear once more, the day has arrived. The football feast will begin today and we will have our eyes on São Paulo, where the home team, Brazil, takes on a worthy opponent in Croatia. We all are climbing the walls but we have to wait till the first whistle and need something to help us control our excitements. I have an idea. Let’s have a look at if there are any ways to turn this huge event into an opportunity for our businesses. Four years ago, when we were at South Africa, the reaction online was relatively slight and social media was significantly smaller. They played an important role in football’s biggest occasion four years ago which we can’t ignore, but can we compare it with today’s online world habbits? No way! Facebook has more than one billion users and Brazil has 86 million active users all by itself. With about 10 percent of Brazil’s population also active on Twitter, and the top footballers from around the world each boasting millions of followers, the stage is being set for some record-breaking social media. We can take this as a proof for our above thoughts that Twitter has already announced special features for World Cup 2014 which are hashtag #WorldCup, HashFlags for each finalist countries (find full list of HashFlags on bleacher reports’ post.) and Vote for Your Team website! The World Cup should also provide a boost to the Brazilian ecommerce segment, with a 27 percent increase in 2014 in relation to last year’s figures and R$39,5bi ($16,6bi) in business predicted for 2014. According to the Brazilian Ecommerce Association (ABComm), investments in local infrastructure and 4G should increase the numbers of Brazilians buying online during the football tournament and whole year. “The World Cup should boost mainly sales of electronics and sporting goods, which are already strong in Brazilian Ecommerce,” says ABComm president Mauricio Salvador. Last year, the Brazilian ecommerce market generated R$31,1bi ($13.1bi) in business, a 29 percent grown in relation to the prior year, with 53 million people purchasing items online. The most popular product categories were fashion and accessories, home appliances, health and beauty, electronics and personal computing items. “Despite the slowing economy and the increasing levels of personal debt in Brazil, the national ecommerce gained ten million new customers in 2013, which helped maintain the industry’s average growth rates of recent years,” says Salvador. Below I share an excellent infographic of mediabistro with you which can make things much more clear in your minds. Have a look at that gorgeous findings, you will love them. Well, wish both Brazil and Crotia luck for the opening game, Brazil may seem the strongest side but as Archie Griffin (former NFL running back) once said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”

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    Scoring Ecommerce in Brazil. 2014 World Cup Kicks Off Today!
    Source: Why Brazil 2014 Will Be The First Truly Social World Cup [INFOGRAPHIC]


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