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How to Write Product Descriptions that Engage and Convert Online Shoppers

Many online store owners understand the need for well-written product descriptions. Although they may not be crème de la crème of your product pages, they do a great deal in helping to convert your site visitors into paying customers. If you’ve committed yourself to writing product descriptions for your online store, you may have found that this can be a challenging task. You may have started typing a few words, then hitting the delete button and starting all over again. Don’t worry, because even the most seasoned copywriters and wordsmiths also face such dilemmas in their career. If you are keen to writing product descriptions yourself instead of outsourcing the task, then you should at least be familiar with the elements of a compelling product description. Thus, to help you with this task, below are some of the main considerations that you need to make in order to write product descriptions that engage and convert.

Communicate Value

One thing that most online shoppers look for as they read a product description is the item’s value – the very thing that will make them want to buy your product. Value can come in many different forms. It can be in the overall design of the product, the purpose it was made for, or even in the intrinsic rewards that the online shopper feels after making the purchase. Whatever that may be, you have to make sure that it is clearly expressed in your product descriptions. Take a look at the product description for the men’s watch below from The Bradford Exchange: “From the moment you first saw him, you wanted everything life has to offer for your wonderful son. Now, let him know how proud you are with this handsome Son, Reach for Your Dreams Men’s Watch, a bold fine jewelry exclusive from the Bradford Exchange. A beautiful symbol of your love and affection, it makes a powerful gift that your son is sure to treasure forever. Expertly handcrafted in solid stainless steel, this chronograph men’s watch features a boldly contrasting deep blue sunray dial with 3 working chronograph sub-dials: seconds, minutes and hours, all in military time. It sports a handy stopwatch function, and the tachymeter features a rotating bezel, while sleek silvery finished hands and hour markers complement the design. Extremely durable and dependable, with a precision quartz movement and quartz mineral lens, it is water resistant to 3 ATM. An etched sentiment on the back of the watch reads, “I’m so proud to call you my son.” A handsome custom presentation case that includes a poem card entitled “Reach for Your Dreams, Son” provides the perfect finishing touch. Strong demand is expected for this fine stainless steel men’s watch, so don’t wait. Order now!” There is no doubt that the writer is good with words, but what impresses the most is the writer’s ability to bring value into a watch – something that kids nowadays consider a single-function item and would rather check their time on their iPhones and tablets. Aside from highlighting the specifications and components of the product, you can also see how the writer weaves a story into the novelty item. Storytelling is crucial in compelling product descriptions. They are able to reach out to online shoppers than just a bullet point list of benefits. Take note also of the language used in the product description. The item for sale is for male children, but the language used, the words and especially the tone is targeted to loving parents who are looking for that wonderful gift for their son (From the moment you first saw him, you wanted everything life has to offer for your wonderful son.) This is an example of communicating value in a language that your target market speaks. Furthermore, the product description above helps make the buyer’s feel that they made the right choice should they buy the item (A beautiful symbol of your love and affection… a powerful gift that your son is sure to treasure forever.) This is adds to their satisfaction about the purchase, and will help turn them into repeat customers or even loyal patrons.

Communicate Purpose

In order to reinforce the value that the product brings, your product descriptions should also clearly communicate the purpose of the product. Don’t just focus on what it is, but rather on what it can do to help solve the online shopper’s problems or fulfil their wants and needs. In addition, they should see a tangible result from the product that they bought from you. This is easy for things like appliances and tools, but what else can a pair of pants do aside from, well, being pants… A revolution in shaping jeans, Levi’s REVEL features Liquid Shaping Technology fused into the denim to provide hold and comfort that lifts, shapes and defines a woman’s body. This engineered fit features contour finishing and elongating seams that lengthen for a beautiful silhouette. Super-soft, four-way stretch fabric allows the jeans to keep its shape while showing off yours. Available in the Levi’s Curve ID fit system. Well, a lot more as the product description from this product description for a women’s jeans from Levi’s shows. Look at how the product description lists all the things that this particular pair of jeans can do for the online shopper. Surely, it can be very difficult for most women to resist buying such jeans.

You Can Start Writing… Now

For many ecommerce merchants and online store owners, crafting compelling product descriptions can be a daunting task, especially if they lack the talent and skills of a copywriter or a wordsmith. Fortunately, like many things, this is something that can be learned and developed over time. Keep in mind the above tips about how to write product descriptions, and soon you’ll be able to write product descriptions that appeal to your customers and convert them into buyers.


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