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How to Use YouTube for Your Ecommerce Business

YouTube has turned from a social video sharing site into one of the most powerful forms of online marketing and advertising. Many online store owners and ecommerce entrepreneurs were able to successfully leverage the power of video marketing through YouTube, driving significant traffic and sales to their ecommerce websites. There are several other video sharing sites available on the web right now, namely Vine and Instagram. However, what distinguishes YouTube from these is the length of videos which you can create and upload. Whereas the aforementioned ones basically limit your videos to a few seconds, YouTube allows you to create and upload videos which can be anywhere from a few seconds to more than an hour long. Because of this, YouTube is considered to be a more versatile and flexible choice, allowing online store owners to create various types of videos which they can use for their video marketing strategies.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

A video that answers frequently asked questions can be difficult to make in a few seconds, and so this is one type of video where YouTube truly shines. Through this, you care making videos which are highly relevant to your customers needs and will thus improve customer satisfaction for your ecommerce business. Look at the most common question asked in your ecommerce site or other social media channels and try to answer them by making a video. Try to limit the number of questions to at least three or five – that should be enough for a video of less than five minutes. Be sure to promote this video by embedding it in your website or by creating a link in your social media channel. Here is an example of how uses youtube for their FAQs. Youtube for ecommerce

Create Product Reviews

Product review videos are another one of the most watched videos in YouTube – as far as ecommerce is concerned that is. Depending on how deep into the details you want to get, you can make a short 5 minute video or a longer 10 minute video. You can do the review yourself, or get a professional in your niche to do it for you. Alternatively, you can contact your customers and interview them about their experience with your product. If that is not possible, you can just get their pictures and testimonials and make a slideshow video.

Show Product Demos

Remember that online shoppers cannot actually see and feel your products. Although images can help alleviate this dilemma, videos can do a better job as it allows viewers and online shoppers a different view and perspective of your product. A video demonstration is a great way to showcase the benefits of your products, as well as serve as an instructional video on how to use them. GHD, who manufacture and sell a range of specialist hair care products, most notably ceramic tongs, have also successfully developed a strong identity on-site and on YouTube. Youtube for Ecommerce

Best Practices for Using YouTube for Ecommerce

If you do plan to use YouTube for your ecommerce business, here are some basic tips which you can follow and apply to make your YouTube experience more successful.
  • Create your own channel – always make a separate social media account for your personal and business life, even in YouTube. By having a dedicated account, you can make your online store or ecommerce business appear more professional. Check out Best Buy YouTube Channel
  • Segment your videos – categorizing your videos is a great way to keep them organized. This will also help your viewers to easily see and find relevant videos and keep them from having to browse through all your uploaded videos, which can be very frustrating if you have a lot of them.
  • Annotations – putting annotations, or live texts and links on your YouTube videos is another great way to encourage viewers to watch your other YouTube videos. Some examples of annotations include “Click here to watch part 2 of …” or “Learn more about… by watching the next video here.”
  • Analytics – like in any other online marketing, you also need to measure the effectiveness of your YouTube strategy. You can do this by learning which videos are most watched and replicate the format in order to gather more viewers. In cases of the low performing videos, you can either improve on them or disregard them completely, it’s up to you.
  • Be sure to share it – after creating and uploading your YouTube video, be sure to share it to the rest of the world. You can embed it on your website, share it, or even tweet about it. Don’t expect online shoppers to serendipitously stumble upon your video – you need to be proactive in letting them know about it.
YouTube is definitely one (if not “the”) most popular video sharing portal one the internet, and as an ecommerce business, it is an important marketing and lead generation tool that you simply cannot ignore. It is a great avenue for increasing your online exposure, and improving your chances of making your online store or ecommerce business more profitable.


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