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How to Use Tumblr for Ecommerce

Upon the creation of Tumblr in 2007, David Karp let new social media phenomena invade the online world. He achieved to make it a popular site especially among young people. Figures show its success obviously: number of Tumblr posts per day is 113 million, total montly Tumblr visitors (global) is 199 million and reported amount Yahoo purchases Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars. Do you wonder the basic of Tumblr’s success? Karp, having created the site at the age of 21, know what young people expect from social media tools. He added some new features to the existing personal blogs, in which people have to gain their own followers by posting regularly. It was difficult way to exist in social media. But in Tumblr, users can share their photos, videos, quotes, links, dialogs and audio files. They can like, follow and share other followers’ posts in their accounts; and after they choose their tags they are interested in, they can follow anything with those tags on Tumblr. These features offer a fresh blog conception to the users looking for something new. The most innovative characteristic of Tumblr is that there is no must to reveal identity contrary to other social media tools and people feel more free than in Facebook and Twitter.

The Ways to Use Tumblr for Brands and Ecommerce Companies

Brands and ecommerce companies may use Tumblr to reach young social media users. What they should do is preparing a method for social media management different from other media tools since Tumblr is not a social platform suitable for selling your products. IBM Tumblr Here is the place you can be successful by creating a common spirit and connecting to your followers at the heart. If you apply this rule, they will be voluntarily your customers after a while. Anything you cannot post in your website can have a place in Tumblr. Please, do not consider this tool as an advertisement board since Tumblr users do not like getting exposed to ads continuously. What should you share on Tumblr? Share your warm photos taken in your office activities; post interesting articles and stories related to your brand; mention about other blogs and accounts; use funny gifs and backstage videos to attract attention. And make your Tumblr account as funny as possible with gifs since young people are the real fun lovers. Dolce and Gabbana Tumblr

Create account on Tumblr and design your page

It is easy to use Tumblr for wordpress and blog users and also complete strangers to this kind of platforms will not have difficulty in learning how to use it thanks to its easy-to understand interface. After filling up the form provided for creating an account on Tumblr, customize your profile. Change your profile picture and set other details of your account from Settings; design your page from Customize option. Creativity and designing skills are really important to create a popular Tumblr account. How to design Tumblr account

Tips to Use Tumblr Effectively

  • Build a long-term business plan, content and account management on Tumblr by considering your target group.
  • Design mobile application of your Tumblr account in a professional way since most of Tumblr people are active mobile users. This will help you to increase mobile traffic of your page.
  • Put your possible future posts in an order; you can set the number, date and time range of your future posts from Settings option.
  • Manage comments and “to share” settings for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Set “Ask” and “Replies” options for possible questions and answers. I recommend you to activate them to interact with your users directly.
  • Post interesting contents of other blogs in your own page. This method is called “reblog” and helps you to get new followers.
  • Use hashtags as you do in Vine, Twitter and Instagram since they ensure you to reach more users. And create new hashtags related to your brand after checking whether they already in use. Here is an important point: If you use the existing hashtags, your posts will get more popular among users.
  • Check which kind of posts your followers like the most via clicking on “notes.”
Nike Tumblr You can see two inspiring examples of brands getting the most out of Tumblr: ModCloth Tumblr ModCloth Tumblr Whole Foods Tumblr Whole Foods Tumblr


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