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How to use Google Analytics’ Ecommerce Tracking Feature?

Seeing traffic details is significant for ecommerce sites. There are a lot of various and free tools that you can use. Simply you can identify a simple code in all in one packet of Shopio and then following the visitor statistic. These tools help you see that the visitors reach your site using which sources, which keywords drive traffic to your site, geographical region of the visitors, how much time they spend on your site. But ecommerce tracking feature which is a service of Google Analytics helps you see more. What is Google Analytics’ Ecommerce Tracking and how it’s used?

What can I see using ecommerce tracking?

This feature makes you see that which and how many products your customer buy and how much you earn from these transactions. So you can practically see that which product is sold more, how much you earn per a sale and the number of the sales per a transaction. By the advanced reports, you can analyze the average time and visit of a purchase.

Enabling ecommerce tracking

When you set up Google Analytics, Ecommerce Tracking will not be activated and ecommerce computation will not be measured immediately. You should sign in your Analytics account, click on the Admin tab on the top of the screen then click on the “View Settings” tab. When you click on the “View Settings” tab you will see a page in which all general settings of your ecommerce site are displayed. You will see “Ecommerce Settings” below. If it’s viewed “Yes, an E-commerce”, it means your site is ready to tracking. If it’s “Enable Ecommerce”, you should change it as “Yes an E-commerce”. Don’t forget to change the currency by your Country. After completing all these transactions click on the “Apply” button and complete the enabling transaction. You should click on the “Save” button under the admin panel, Settings > SEO > Search Engine Services. If you haven’t met with all in one packets of Shopio, it’s high time. Now sign up for the 14 days free trial of Shopio and start earning.


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