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How to Measure Content Marketing?

Content marketing, as a marketing method, is to be measured and analyzed for optimum benefit. Therefore, brands will easily decide the way they follow in content marketing in the future to have a high-converting site. There are various methods for measuring content marketing. Analyses should be performed regularly to get the most accurate measurement results for performance of a brand.

Spreading Content

In ecommerce sector, it is good to know how much a marketing campaign is successful in terms of online business conditions and popular among consumers. The more content or campaign spreads, the more it is successful. To measure it, you need to take these factors into consideration:
  • Number of visitors
  • Number of visits
  • Time spent on site
  • Site abandonment rate

Sharing Content

Shares in virtual world represent “gold” in the real world; they are really valuable. The answers for these questions can reveal whether content is successful or not: How much is the content shared via social media tools? In which line does it show up in search engines? Which search engine ranking does it have? In addition, there is an easier way to find out content’s popularity: unique visitors. The content attracting more unique visitors is successful.

Conversion Rate

This rate can be measured by evaluating various factors such as whether users purchase a product or not upon shared content. And site owners can figure out the number of subscriptions to newsletters or social media channels thanks to these contents.

Sales Figure

Basically, the main aim of content writing is increasing sales of an online business. Thus, it is important to measure whether content has a positive effect on sales and how many products are sold upon the content published.

Benefits of Content Marketing for Brands

For a good content management, successful and unsuccessful contents, analyzed by their popularities among customers, should be compared. After selecting the successful ones, content team can create a content marketing strategy in parallel with online business metrics. By a professional content marketing strategy, a brand can;
  • Reach the large potential customer masses
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Raise brand awareness and its popularity among people
  • Increase its site traffic
  • Increase unique visitors and turn them into customers


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