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How to Improve Conversions with Effective Call to Actions

As ecommerce entrepreneurs, we often worry too much about our website’s designs, product descriptions, pricing strategies and so much more. Don’t get me wrong, these are all important aspects of a successful online store. But then, we tend to think about these things so much that we forget to take note of the little but equally important details in our online store – like our call to actions for instance. Sometimes, making minor adjustments on small things like these can bring a lot of benefits for our ecommerce business and improve our ROIs. If you are still working on your call to actions as of now, or would like some extra help about what you can do to improve them, do take time to read the following suggestions. You may just find some helpful hints on how to make effective call to actions for your online store that can help you convert your site visitors into paying customers.

Choose Your Words Carefully

The most effective call to actions are often the shorter and less verbose ones. Remember that you only have a limited space for text, so you have to make sure that every word you put in there counts. This is not the place for you to showcase your amazing knowledge of the dictionary and exceptional poetry skills. Effective call to actions are brief and concise, with a clear message of what you want your site visitors to do. You can refer to this list which outlines over 50 different catch phrases you can use to make more effective call to actions.

Create Urgency

Try adding a sense of urgency in your call to action that will make your website’s visitors feel that this is an opportunity that they can’t afford to miss. This can be achieved by putting a time limit on your offer (e.g. “Offer expires in three days!”) or by offering a freebie (e.g. “Order now and get a…”) along with the original item.

Give Them a Reason

If you want people to enter their email address in your signup box or click the “Buy Now!” button, you need to give them a reason to do so. Thus, you need to make sure that your offer’s value is clearly stated in your call to action. You can do this by including at least three or five bullet points that outline the various benefits of your offer.

Pay Attention to Your Call to Action Button

When crafting your call to action buttons, be sure to make them big and impossible to miss. The buttons are there to attract and encourage site visitors to make them want to click it. Spend some time and effort in designing your call to action buttons so they don’t look like plain, square boxes. What about the colour? Should you use green or red? Perhaps orange? Well, according to this study from Conversion XL about CTA button colours, the colour really doesn’t matter. As long as they are distinguishable, clearly stands out and in deep contrast with the background, any colour will do.

Test and Measure

The most important thing about changing and tweaking your call to actions is to test them once you implement them. You can do this with the help of various tracking tools that helps you monitor the effectiveness of your call to action through click counts and other means. Even if you are satisfied with the first result, you may still want to craft a new call to action and compare the results. I mean, why settle for good enough when there’s a chance to make it better, right? Your call to action is a very important detail in your ecommerce business or online store, and making sure that you have the right and most effective call to action can help in ensuring your ecommerce business achieve success.


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