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How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Ecommerce Business

Relating to the technological improvement in working methods, lots of companies considering just to stay online nowadays. Marketing strategies of the companies have been impressed by this kind of tecnological changes. Companies being grown up increadably in digital world by following tecnological conversion, create their own publication platform using social media. After it has been started to use internet on mobile phones, it is increased also usage of the social media and accordingly this has affected e commerce in positive way. The increase of the social media platforms day by day, cause the question: “which social media channels best suit for your business?”. To choose the best platform, it would be useful to specify for which purpose you are in social media platforms. We, Shopio, have collected the clues to help you in specifying the best useful social media network.

Facebook for Ecommerce

If your aim is to reach new people to increase your potential customers, Facebook could be a useful platform. Unless it has been talked that the popularity of Facebook among youth has decreased, 70% of the adult Facebook users actively continues using it. Facebook is still the most popular platform with 1.3 billion user around the World, and is the most frequently used. (Learn more : 8 Tips to Manage Facebook Business Page in Ecommerce )

LinkedIn Business Page

If you wish to share for business world or create business contacts LinkedIn could be correct platform for you. The users of LinkedIn have high income and high education level and this makes LinkedIn suitable for the business firms whose target audance has this caracteristics. LinkedIn is one of the most important channels for the sell-side b2b e-commerce sites. (Learn more: LinkedIn for E-commerce – How to Benefit from LinkedIn for Your Online Store )

Pinterest Showcase

Visual content is so important for ecommerce sites. For this reason, basing on visual share, Pinterest, is one of the platforms in which ecommerce sites should take part. If your aim is to increase your sales, you can direct the users by sharing the high quality photos and prices of your products on Pinterest. One of the other feature of the Pinterest is having more female user than male. So if your target audance is generated more female user Pinterest could be an effective platform. (Learn more: How to Use Pinterest for Ecommerce

Twitter’s Trending Topics

If your target is to reach both female and male customers especially young people, Twitter may be a suitable channel for you. Twitter draw young people’s interest and provides much more interaction in comparison to Facebook. If you primarily need to contact with your customers,it would be effective to use Twitter actively. (Learn more: Twitter for Ecommerce: Quick Tips to Get Started ) Social networks, with billions of users, is an efficient marketing channel for most of the sectors in ecommerce. You can increase your sales by combining your social media marketing with a powerful and reliable ecommerce infrastructure. By the way, don’t forget to join Shopio’s entertaining Social Pages. We follow back =) Shopio Facebook Page Shopio Twitter Page Shopio LinkedIn Page Shopio Pinterest Page


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