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How Personalization Can Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

A few days back, I bought a camcorder from an online store. I was so elated and loved the fact that it had all the features that I was looking for. After buying the product, I was a little annoyed at the fact that the online store kept on sending me emails that had the same camcorder in it. I was a bit annoyed since I had already bought a camcorder and did not want to see more of the same thing. It would have been nice if they had sent me something else instead that would go well with my camcorder.

Now, here is an example of bad marketing as there is no personalization in it. Apparently, the store did not take into account of the fact that I had bought the camcorder already and did not need more advertisements of it. Here are a couple of tips to make online transactions more personal:

Online Chatting – Live Chat

Oh! How wonderful it would be if there was an expert adviser on line, every time we wanted to buy something. Maybe, we could have a live chat where we could discuss the features of the product. It would almost be like going to an actual retail store and buying something. Having a live chat option is a definite priority in my list.

Personalized Marketing Tools

A lot of renowned businesses, such as Amazon, use these tools to have an additional personal touch in their websites. These tools are very important as they have emailing features together with an extra emphasis on the behavioral aspects of customers.

Now let us look at the ways that these personalized marketing tools can help enhance a business’s activities:

Acquiring the personal emails of customers

There are various tools by which personal emails of customers can be obtained. After obtaining the email addresses personalized emails should be sent to customers. When a particular email is sent to a person that has all the things that are likely to be of interest to that customer, then that email is said to be personalized. Studies have shown that personalized emails tend to generate a lot more revenues than just sending a regular email to a person.

Alluring the customer to make the purchase

Once a customer’s email address is obtained, it is important that an introductory email be sent to the customer where wonderful aspects of the business are laid out. If the customer does not make a purchase within the first week, then coupons and other discounts should be sent to her. If no purchase occurs within 2 weeks then more information regarding the product that they were originally interested in, should be sent to them. In this way, step by step, the customer should be allured to the products of the business.

Using recommendations by noticing user behavior

A lot of time, it happens that a user might discard a cart without having purchased any of the products. A personalized email should be sent to the customer immediately to remind him of the products that he had selected and how wonderful those products are. Complementary products should also be recommended as well. In this way, there is greater chance for the customer to go back to the website and actually make a purchase.

If anyone wants to make money in Ecommerce businesses, then it is absolutely essential that they employ a more personalized approach to doing business. Sending customized and personalized emails and actually studying the behaviors of the customers is very important. In Shopio E-commerce Platform, you can easily customize all e-mail templates for your customers, try Shopio to start your e-commerce journey.


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