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Grow Your Sales By Optimizing Your Sales Funnel

This is a Guest Post by Jerry Mitchal from Kodematix for Shopio eCommerce Blog.

“FAILURE” is this the word you constantly face even after constructing and implementing your sales funnel strategies to fullest? Do you always see a line moving down just as shown in picture?

According to you once your sales funnel strategies are live, it will effortlessly bring new customers, sending sales through the top and decreasing your bounce rates, right?

At a time, their sales funnel work, they can easily see a constant increase for a few months and then back down again. Their sales results looks like a hockey stick, a consistent flow of revenues and then back down again in a month or so. I am sure you are not looking for a consistent failure in marketing results and want a way to squeeze each and every drop of your effort. So, what could be the way to keep your sales funnel full of leads which make sure a consistent flow of revenues all year round?

Let’s explore some steps to see a steady increasing line towards the top across the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel.

Time To Make Your First Impression “The BEST”: The Top Funnel

The top sales funnel is place where your website comes into visualization, i.e. the funnel where your traffic is coming from. Obviously you need to ensure that they may not turn into their last visit. For that, CREATIVITY is the only solution, whether it is the creativity in terms of content or pictures or the user friendly navigation of the website.

A good quality content which is optimized for search and the site which maintains customer’s interest will lead to the conversation game. The main issue is most of the marketers analyze their ROI results in terms of the traffic they get, but it’s the half part of the story. It’s not always that more traffic will lead to more conversations.

To convert your traffic into conversions, you should start concentrating and analyzing on the areas that drive more conversions. Further, you should measure the engagement by other means i.e. by shares, comments and the time the user stays on the page. This means the website is found by many and being read by many.

According to most institutes and Content Marketing Institute studies, majority of the traffic is coming from social media, blogs, articles, newsletters. So focus on such traffic areas.

Lead Nurturing: The Middle Of The Funnel

“Let the footprints mark FOREVER” Yes, it’s time to mark your visit into conversion. This is where the actual work results. You need to maintain their attention. Creating content and driving attention through content are two things that has major difference. Here, the main problem is lots of content is created and shared but it doesn’t convert. The conversion refers to subscriptions, orders, or downloads.

Most of the visitors get stuck in this funnel, hence it your job to nudge the visitors attention to making a revenue without being too pushy.

There could be variety of reasons that people don’t take any action, like:

  • They Don’t Require Your Service Now
  • They Don’t Have Ample Of Money To Avail Your Service
  • They are Not Able To Gain Your Trust

If we ignore the first two reasons, we can surely gain a lead if we work on the things properly. One great option could be to provide a discount, or could offer a limited inventory, a specific amount of seats at X price, special offers to social media followers only.

Secondly, the best way to gain trust can be a third party review, commonly known as “Testimonials”. Or a comparison between your services or products with that of a competitor. Further, you can communicate your works value by including a web page which includes your projects portfolio.

If the prospects are leaving at the checkout process, then one reason could be that the items they found are too expensive or may be not worth the money.

Make Sure To Always SEE Them In Your Lead Database: End Of The Funnel

Hurahhhh!! Congrats!! There’s a lead, someone has believed in buying your product. Most of them think that this would surely bring next purchase. However, this step is entirely new step. Just because you got a conversion doesn’t mean you can keep them for all time.

Prospects engage and convert, but other aspects after conversion like returning visitors, additional orders and email clicks are down. What could be the solution to get them back and maintain the same level?

The solution is along with your content and social media efforts you should reach your customers via attractive email campaigns about your products and services. Top companies successful market to their existing customer base well after the initial achievement of a customer.

You should start developing relationships with your existing customer base, along with your potential buyers. And you should start organizing upsell campaigns to encourage their existing buyers to use different products and services. Hope with the decided campaigns and offers you have enough plans to reward your loyal customers.

Author Bio: Jerry Mitchal is the Marketing Analyst at Kodematix He really likes to share his views and knowledge about Website Marketing as here in this post he acknowledges us some of the best methods to optimize your sales funnel.


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