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Finding the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business [Infographic]

When it comes to the internet and your business, choosing the right domain name will be one of the most critical steps. Because your ecommerce store’s domain name will be the main tool for building a memorable and profitable brand. Your domain should be selected with the same care and research that you used when choosing the name for your business. Your domain name impacts how easily people find you in search engines and ties directly to your branding. Most useful tips to decide a Perfect Domain Name are,

  • Make the Domain Unique
  • Make it Easy to Type
  • Make it Easy to Remember
  • Keep the Name as Short as Possible
  • Avoid Copyright Infringement
  • Reject Hyphens and Numbers
But coming up with fresh ideas can sometimes be challenging and it often feels like all the good names are already taken. To help you find that perfect domain name, WhoIsPostingThis created this flowchart to guide you through the process. Find the gorgeous infographic below. It will help a lot!

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Finding the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business


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