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Don’t Worry! You Can Still Launch a Useful 4th of July Marketing Campaign

Today is the American Independence Day, celebrate! Also get profited via specialized marketing campaigns and don’t worry! You still have time for that! You can find out smoothly manageable, quickly guided and super-fast presentable ideas for your e-commerce website. I have got some other ideas for you. You may not want to use them directly but they can be the source of your inspiration so, at least, you better check them out. Millions of photos (yes, not kidding!) will be taken today and most of them will be selfies:) So we can’t ignore the campaign types that are based on sharing photos!

  • Start a Facebook photo contest: As the Facebook is the biggest social media platform, most of that “millions of photos” will be shared on Facebook. Give it a name (ex. 4th of July Selfie Contest), decide to give branded prize to the “most liked” or “most shared” photos. Sounds funny, doesn’t it?
  • How about Instagram?: Decide an hashtag, and ask your followers to share their 4th of July photos with that hashtag. Just like Facebook, give branded prizes to the “most liked” photos.
If your E-commerce Provider supports Discounts and Coupons feature like Shopio does (lucky Shopio customers!) you can create some deals and promotions! These ways can help your coupons and promotions go viral.
  • Special offer for Twitter followers: Create a discount coupon like 25% off all items or selected items for today! Anounce that you will give %25 discount coupons to 10 followers and you will decide these 10 among the RTs randomly. Support the contest via sending an email to your customer. This will spread by rumour fastly!
  • Choose a suitable hashtag: Again on twitter, as you know the most active feature of Twitter is using hashtags, you can decide a 4th of July hashtag for and ask your followers to mention their feelings, memories, etc. about Independence Day. May be you can be the No.1 Trending Topic =)
Also, today, the keyword “4th July” will be very popular for search engines so,
  • Join that contest with a blog post: Write a post about 4th july and ask your subscribers to mention their feelings, memories in the comments. This will raise the relationship between your customers and your store. By the way don’t forget to reply all comments =)
Just with a quick thinking, I created 5 useful ideas for marketing actions. That was the reason that I started conversation with “…don’t worry! You still have time for that!”. And don’t forget the main idea of the day : Today we are celebrating! Nothing can block that. Happy Independence Day!


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