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How to Build a Successful Instagram for Your Ecommerce Business? Learn from Instagram Rock Stars!

Although it was only a few years back when Instagram was first released to the general public, this image social sharing site has taken the social media world by storm, and generated millions and millions of active users in an impressively short time. Seeing its appeal to many mobile device users, many brands and business realized the platform’s potential as a successful marketing and promotion avenue. Many have tried but failed, but there are brands and businesses that were able to successfully utilize this image sharing networking site and brought their business to higher levels like the following.


Instagram Levis

Levi’s, probably the world’s most popular jeanswear manufacturer, is one of those brands who have made a mark on many of their Instagram followers and other users alike with their #LiveinLevis hashtag. This marketing campaign employs a very simple concept – get their customer’s to take pictures of themselves in their favorite Levi’s jeans and couple it with their personal story. Mass Appeal: When it comes to marketing in Instagram, most brands and businesses usually focus on their products – but Levi’s goes beyond this and instead reaches out to their customer base to help the company promote its products. Because the models here are actual common people using Levi’s in an equally common everyday setting, the brand generates an image that appeals to the masses. This is quite important especially in the fashion world where ads are dominated by Hollywood stars and supermodels. *Related Post: How to Use Instagram in Ecommerce Business


Instagram Chobani

Chobani, famous for their great tasting yogurt, is one of those brands who made a mark on Instagram thanks their fans and patrons. Yes, the story goes that even before Chobani even had an Instagram account, their customers have already been posting on Instagram about the yogurt brand. Piggy Backing on Your Fans: A great product sells itself – now that’s one thing you can be sure about in this case. However, that alone won’t cut it, you need to learn how to utilize that advantage, even though it means piggybacking on your customer’s posts and tags. So the next time you’re on Instagram, try to do a search for your brand or business, or you can use third party tracking software that reports back to you whenever you are tagged or mentioned in a post, and be sure to like and comment on the post so the customer knows that you appreciate them mentioning you.


Instagram BeauCoupBakery

BeauCoup Bakery is not as big as major bread and pastry businesses are, which is quite evident in the not so large number of followers that they have on Instagram. However, no matter how small the numbers of their followers are when compared to the big players, you can be sure that they are the some of the most engaging and loyal patrons that any business can ask for. Give Your Brand Heart and Soul: Giving your followers a glimpse of who is behind their favorite product is one way of driving engagement into your Instagram posts. This is a good way of showing that behind your every creation is a real person who pours their heart and soul into making sure that you get nothing but the best out of your buck. BeauCoup Bakery is doing a pretty great job at this as they constantly post images of their employees in action (and at rest) – hot bread, steaming coffee, and warm smiles – who can resist that?

Lexus USA

Instagram Lexus Usa

One of Lexus USA’s most successful Instagram campaign came in with #LexusLens, where they asked their Instagram followers and Lexus Owners to take images of their car while on a road trip, simply to show where there Lexus has taken them. Aside from that though, the images must be tagged using the location tagging feature of Instagram in order to give proof that the image was indeed taken on a road trip and not in the backyard. Safe to say, this campaign was able to tap into two of the things that people love to take images of and to show off – their ride and the places they’ve traveled to. *Related Post: How to Improve Product Photos for Your Online Store Learn Instagram Features: Instagram, when compared to other social media platforms, do not pack a lot of punch when it comes to their features, but whatever little they have is enough to make an impressive marketing campaign. If you are thinking of running an ad campaign in Instagram, you may want to look at its different features and see how you can incorporate them in your campaign. Instagram may not always be the first choice when it comes to marketing and promotion, but it is one that cannot be ignored. The growing popularity and population of this image sharing platform just gives brands and businesses a new means of reaching out to millions of potential customers, and when used right, can bring lots of benefits to the business.


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