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Customer Satisfaction: 9 Tips to Make Your Online Customers Happy

After handling the issue of “getting new online customers”, it is time to handle the new issue: how to keep your existing customers loyal! Loyal customers are high-value clients and bring in as much as 80% of your overall sales. So, having loyal customers will help you maintain your online business success. And here are the methods you can use to learn who your valuable customers are and what you can do to keep them loyal.

1. Customers like “the customer is always right” rule

Whatever your promise is, you should deliver it to be successful in ecommerce sector; fast shipping, discounts etc. If you fail to do it, make compensations for this inappropriate situation since customers deserve good service.

2. Customers like their orders to be admitted

You get an order from a customer but you have to decline due to various reasons and problems. Actually, this action will ruin your brand respect in a few minutes. So try to solve these issues, send an information mail to that customer and admit the order immediately.

3. Customers like to be informed about their orders

Customers always want to know what is going on with their orders. Keep them informed continually via emails and let them know about the problems also, for example, if an item out of stock or if there will be a delay in shipping. In return, customers feel that they are important to you and your business.

4. Customers like fresh items in a store

New products, new designs, new packaging keep your customers in your online store. They will continue to explore the site full of new stuff and continuously visit the store to check out what is new. Get their loyalty refreshed with fresh items.

5. Customers like solved problems

An online business is not as smooth as you imagine, running without any problems. You will face various obstacles and customers expect you to overcome them in a professional way. Professional problem solving will keep your customer shopping in your store.

6. Customers like interaction with the shop owner

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools to reach your customers. Use a professional email software and keep in touch with them via newsletters, social campaigns etc.

7. Customers like to be asked for their opinions

Ask your customers for their opinions about service, products, campaigns and discounts you offer to them. For example, you can make surveys and questionnaires on a new product or a change in the store to learn what their reactions are.

8. Customers like to get celebration on special days

Anniversaries, birthdays, special days are the best opportunities to have a sincere relation with your customers. Send “personal emails” to them and wish a happy day. Always design your email template in harmony with these days. Their happiness will increase loyalty they feel to you.

9. Customers like awards

A long term loyalty can be achieved by awarding your customers. For example, offer free shipping, discounts or gift wrapping to the customers who always shop from your store. Special and personal awards are more valuable for customers than a general one. Conclusion: Customer loyalty is based on customer’s satisfaction with the overall experience they have in your online store. The higher the level of their satisfaction, the greater the level of loyalty should be expected. If you continue to offer your services effectively and efficiently, it will be not difficult for you to gain loyal customers in your online business.


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