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8 Tips to Use SEO More Effectively in Ecommerce

All newly-built ecommerce web sites would like to enter into rivalry with established firms by appearing in the first pages of the search engines. In technical terms, they aim to increase brand awareness and sales by Search Engine Optimization/SEO without any advertisement burden to their budgets. SEO, known as getting well with Google, is a great contributor to the website traffic. But how should new ecommerce entrepreneurs use SEO to get success in online business? You have to do the right things when you start building your online store. We wrote quick tips to succeed in your business.

Quality beats Quantity

This sentence is always a kind of golden rule in ecommerce world. Whether you spend a lot to increase site traffic, success generally comes with “Long Tail”. Long tail keywords are the word queries which are both effective and economic. Let’s explain it with an example. Writing “1 carat cubic zirconia diamond ring” instead of “diamond ring” is a better way to define a keyword or title for your products. More specific details are important to succeed for results in search engines.

Product Image Optimization

People have found a better way to search for a product: Internet! So it is not a surprise that there are programs intended for searching products in the ecommerce ecosystem. Keywords and alt tags filled out for each product help ecommerce site owners to attract the users searching for images to their websites.

Product Listing Pages

Ecommerce website category listing pages are a common address, in the eye of Google, which gathers all links together. These pages provide an organized product range for ecommerce websites. Almost all users searching for a brand or a service in search engines are directed to the website thanks to this system.

Content Optimization

Content represents the key point of search engine optimization. Shopio comes with an easy-to-use content manager to create blog posts and pages according to your needs. Creating pages helps you to use your online store as a content manangment system. Writing blog posts about your products and collections helps you to get organic traffic to your store. Upon building a social media channel, it is necessary to share photos, creating unique content, being active in forums to win Google’s favor. Blogs –a must for vertical ecommerce websites- can help site owners to increase interaction with consumers.

Importance of H1 and H2 Tags

H1 and H2 tags are backbone of a successful SEO planning. In general terms, H1 tag is the heading of your webpage and directly related to Google searches. Therefore, content and heading should be integrated with each other. And H2 is the subheading tag as you see a live example above.

Anchor Text Optimization

Anchor Text Optimization is using related characters and words that hyperlinks display when linking to another document or location in internal pages. Let’s explain this method used for higher website visibility by an example: “China, Mobile commerce spending of which is the highest among other countries” is a more successful sentence in terms of SEO than “Click here to visit our mobile commerce category”.

Page Load Time

Modern world doesn’t let slow ones live anymore; value of anything is measured by its speed. So consumers want a page to load in a very short time; in other words, researches show that users expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. Ecommerce websites failing to decrease page load time see their online customers off to another address.

Evaluating Google Analytics Data

Even SEO covers all search engines, SEO case studies are generally gathered on Google. Google Analytics is an analyzing service that generates data such as source of a website’s traffic, the content visited by visitors, how long they stay in the content. It serves as the most effective address in development of an ecommerce site by offering demographic data of user experiences to the site owners.


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