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7 Ways to Write a Public Relations Plan for Ecommerce

Public relations have an important role to reach a brand’s message directly to its customers and therefore increase the sales. In other words, a successful public relations plan is much more than being popular on TV, internet or other media tools. As it brings profit to any kind of ecommerce company, it rightfully requires a detailed study in which there should be a strategic planning, creative way of thinking, clever budgeting and adaptation to unforeseen situations. But you can have an idea for what you may do for creating a successful public relations plan upon reading this article:

Be a realist about targets

You have to set your target within plausible limits while drawing up a public relations plan. Ecommerce entrepreneurs generally mistake setting targets as raising awareness but you should be aware of that your target is to increase your sales. As a business owner, your basic aim should be increasing your sales and profit.

Define your target groups

The second task is familiarizing with your target group to estimate what they need. In public relations concept, your actions address not to only media channels but also to potential customers, suppliers, other retailers, organization members, non-governmental organization leaders and employers. It is also better to create database of contact information for target groups since you will need to announce your company campaigns continuously.

Develop strategies and tactics

At this point, you need to identify what strategy and tactic is actually. For example, if you advertise your new company building, it will be a strategic action. But if you invite local media staff, government officers and your customers for a “ribbon cutting” ceremony, it will be a tactic.

Different messages for each target group

Prepare standard message templates for a successful public relations plan. You must use a coherent language but different tones, styles for various target groups.

Comprehensive performance budget

It is a real challenge to prepare a comprehensive budget, which includes any kind of risky situation. Try to be realist and allocate 10% of your budget to black days you may have in the future.

Fair distribution of tasks

There are many tasks to be done but anybody working for you is not suitable for all tasks. So distribute the tasks considering the employers’ skills and experience related to the tasks in a fair way. How you plan your company will show what you can succeed in public relations.

Prepare an emergency plan

“Crisis planning” is one of the most important parts of the public relations. For example, you have planned an outdoor activity for a really sunny day but the weather came up with a storm, which probably ruins your activity. So always be prepared against negative situations. Public relations have the power to affect your company success in a positive way when used professionally. So make use of it to gain prestige in the eye of customers and turn them into loyal customers.


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