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7 Vital Ecommerce Rules You Should Know

With the help of today’s technology, building an ecommerce store is very easy. To create an ecommerce website, you don’t need to know how to build a webpage. You can use an all in one ecommerce solution to start up your ecommerce rapidly. For example, the advanced features and affordable prices of Shopio make it possible to set up a profitable ecommerce site as you want.

It is very important to make minimum amount of mistake which is very critical to maintain a profitable ecommerce business. In this business area, experience is one of the key elements to be successful.

1. Don’t try to be perfect immediately

Perfectionism is a very dangerous trap for ecommerce business. For sure, it is normal that you want to be the best, perfect and the most successful one in your area. But if you just start your business, keep in mind that it will take some time to pass that step.

Initially determine your plans that you want to reach but don’t waste your time and energy for trying to make everything perfect. Your aim should be selling the products on your online store with maximum benefit. So at the beginning, preferring a ready to use ecommerce solution would be a good choice in terms of high costs and to save you from technological details.


2. Don’t make everything on your own

At the beginning of building up your ecommerce store, you may have to do everything on your own. But don’t forget to get help from people and after some time, try to make a good team. Trying to make everything on your own means increasing your failure rate. You may think that employing somebody would not be a good idea in the beginning. But in time, when you are sure that your business is growing up, it will be a good idea to employ somebody for boosting up your business. You can find very important strategies for growing up your store in this article. Also, you will have some departments for shipping, technical and customer support etc.


3. Manage your budget correctly

Some of the ecommerce business owners don’t think how much budget they have and how much they can use for some purposes before starting their business. Before building up your ecommerce store, calculate each of your cost items step by step. By doing that, you will be sure what you need and how much budget you need to have a good ecommerce store.

The costs for maintaining your ecommerce store is very important. Lack of funding your services is very big danger, which means some time later you will be unable to continue your ecommerce business. Keep in mind that always you have sufficient amount of budget for keeping up your services. Also you will have to make advertisement. Monthly advertisement and marketing budget is another important issue. By doing that, you will have more visitors. Try to give advertisement to Facebook and Google Adwords. But don’t ignore advertising on Yahoo and Bing too. With a good content, you may convert your visitors to customers. But before, you should have visitors. And to have visitors you should have an advertising budget. If the total amount exceeds your budget, you may start to think of making some savings. For that, you can get help from financial experts.


4. Measure the marketing performances

While balancing your budget, following closely the conversion from all of the marketing channels is also another critical subject. How much time and money you spend for which channel and how much you earn from that channel? If you have answers of these questions, you can save your time and your money focusing on those channels. Using and understanding Google Analytics is very important for that. Don’t try to sell your products before analyzing the data of your visitors such as sex, location, age etc. After this analysis, you can start your advertising campaigns, you will lose your money for nothing.

There is also another important thing that you should focus on. Your ad campaings may have a good return. But if you don’t analyze from which ad campaign you have those returns, you may spend money needlessly. This is one of the biggest mistakes of our customers that we have observed. For that, you should make an investigation on your ecommerce solution if it supports analyzing or not. Shopio has a complete integration with Google Analytics wich allows you to track your progress to improve and grow your audience. With Shopio’s Google Analytics Integration, you are prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your products, blog and enhance pages for higher conversion rates.


5. Write good and unique content

Content is very important for your customers and also for the search engines. While thinking about the visitors, first you should think who will read the text. Especially if you sell various of products, you should make very unique and informative descriptions for them. So visitors will be able to understand and compare the products. Simple and good information means, more visitors to be converted.

As we’ve mentioned above, you should think about the search engines too which means your content must be compatible with them. It is very important for search engines such as Google that your content is unique and not duplicated. The search engines displays the most proper results, so you should always use the proper words and keywords in your content. For example if you are selling the cheapest mobile phone in the market, you can use that longtail word (keyword) in your content too. But while doing this, keep on rules and don’t get penalized by Google.

The images you use in your content is also very important. Your visitors don’t have the chance to see and examine the products closely. This is where your product images comes in. If the images are small, the details can not be seen. Another important decision option is the quality of the images. Your visitors may leave your ecommerce store without any purchasing if the quality of the images is low. High quality and proper images will make your visitors to think that your store is very professional and trustful. Try to use more then one image for each of your products. That way, your visitors will learn more information about your products. You can learn more information about how to use images for your ecommerce site in the article we’ve written before.


6. Provide good customer service

Most of the online store managers focus pre-sales intead of after-sale strategies. We’ve already written tips about how to drive more customers to your ecommerce store. But the importance is keeping them. After sales service is crucial in maintaining the relationship established between you and your customers. You can send an email to your customer after a succesful purchasing. You can send them emails or coupons in special days. Shipping and cargo issues are also should be basic customer services. You should transfer your products to your customers in time and without any damage.

Sometimes your visitor may have a few questions about the products. This can be before and after purchasing. Giving an online support service can help you to convince your visitor to buy the product. Also you need to set up a help desk for your online store in order to answer the after sale questions of your customers. You can find more information and tips for providing a good customer service in our previous articles.


7. Analyze your competitors and market prices

Analyzing your competitors will help you to get a good place in the market that you want to sell products. To be the leader in your ecommerce niche, you should improve some of your services of which your competitor’s are better. To observe the cons and pros of your competitors, you should make a secret shopping.

First, you should check what kind of information they have on their website. Is there any way for customers to contact with them? Do they have a well displayed phone number? Is it easy to send an email to them? Do they have a live chat? All these informations will also give you an idea what kind of information and help service you should have for your customers.

After that purchase something from the website. With that, you will see how does the system works, is that easy or difficult, secure or not… If the competitors website is poorly designed, then you have a chance to pass them with one feature; better design! The user interface is very important for the visitors while they are trying to find the product they want to buy. So you should have a simple and easy user interface.

Also check what kind of campaigns do your competitors have. By that, you can have knowledge of how to drive visitors to your website. To have all these features, you should use a good ecommerce solution. Shopio is an all in one ecommerce solution which you can find the features we’ve mentioned above. You can build a better customer loyalty if you make a good analyze.


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