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5 Tips to Boost Your Online Sales

So you are in the cut throat and yet satisfying world of ecommerce? You have great products that do not generate the great sales that they should be generating? Well, Adit has some tips for you that will boost your online sales and increase your revenue. Excited? Read on!

1.First impressions count.

Relate your story and be creative in doing so. You can add text, images, and even videos to relate to your customer. Remember that a first impression can have quite the lasting impression, so it’s important that you get this part right. Make sure you point out what it is that differentiates you from the rest. Having a core message and vision works, and this can go in the main page or even the ‘about’ page. You can also add testimonials and reviews as well, as positive reviews attract more customers and also shoot your page up in Google’s search engine.

2.Make mobile matter

An increasing number of people are now using their mobiles for browsing and to purchase the things they need online. While purchases made using mobile phones are still not on the level of purchases made using a computer, the numbers are increasing at a fast rate. Adit Advertisin’s advice would be to make sure your site is responsive and user friendly when browsed from a mobile phone. Among the things that you should keep in mind with regard to making your site mobile friendly are:
  • Text and images can be viewed clearly without the need of excessive zooming.
  • Contents should fit the screen of the mobile, the technical term of which is responsive design.
  • Don’t have too many links cluttered together. Accidentally pressing the link one wasn’t supposed to press will bother customers.
  • Speed matters. Try out a speed test to see how fast your site responds on a mobile.

3.Show customer reviews

Nothing speaks about the success of your products and how much people love it as much as the reviews and testimonials that they contribute. Make sure you thank those who leave behind reviews, both positive and negative. Highlight your positive reviews while working on any negative review. Your effort and willing nature to learn will not just bring new customers, but also retain the current customers.

4.WOW your customers

What can you do to ensure that your customers remain loyal to you and are dazzled by what you are offering and what they are receiving? The options are many. You could set up loyalty schemes to ensure that the customers get something in return. You could also have the option of providing the customers with the chance to buy gift cards. This is useful for people who may not want what you are selling but know of someone in their family or friend circle who will love your products. There is also the guarantee and return policy that you can put in place. Also make sure you have all the prices upfront and no hidden charges. In the long run, being truthful generates more income and success than trying to pull a scam. You can also recommend similar products that customers will have an interest in.

5.Don’t play hard to get

One department that separates from successful ecommerce business from the not-so-successful ones is the area of customer service. Make sure your customers know when and how to reach you. Also, in case of any shortcomings from your side, be it late delivery or a substandard product, apologise and try to rectify the situation.

Final Word

If you follow these tips, then you should see your success generate by leaps and bounds. Here is to more success coming your way!


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