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5 Killer Questions to Answer Before Launching Your Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce has a big and very powerful growing system. It never stops growing even in the crysis periods. Although economical crisis means decrease of sales, it’s observed that the sales are increased in ecommerce market in the previous experiences.

One of the reasons is the will of the customers to see the alternatives in the optimum level. Being able to find the products on the internet with a budget friendly prices makes the customers buying from online stores instead of physical ones. In the economical crisis, people would like to save money instead of spending it. But there are always some special necessities which can’t be ignored. At that point, people tries to find out a better solution such as some discounts or gifts which the ecommerce stores can provide easily.

Today, the customers can do shopping in a comfortable way. Hard daily routines, flexible working hours and other reasons which stresses up the customers, drives them to make shopping online. Instead of spending the time in a shopping mall, most of the customers prefer to do shopping online, while they are watching TV or even they are surfing on the net. And this makes the ecommerce business much more powerful in every way.

Selling online seems profitable because it serves lots of benefits to the online merchant and the customers. But what are the things you should do before launching an ecommerce website? Here are the 5 questions to answer before getting in the action…

1. What will I sell?

The first thing you should do is to decide the products that you want to sell, before launching ecommerce store. You should check the market share of the products or product groups that you think about selling. When you are sure that it will be a good idea to sell those products, you can start creating your online store.

2. Who is the customer?

You should know about your target audience. Because the characteristics of your target audience will be determinant from the view of your site to the language you use, it will be a long process to understand that. Using the social media effective may be very useful at that point. The customers and their purchasing habits can be different. So making a search about the target audience and analyzing them will be another process to help you having the target sales.

3. How will I promote?

It’s not enough to build up an ecommerce site, it’s also critical to make a good and correct advertising. Different ad campaigns for different products would be much more effective. Also at this point, it is important to drive traffic to your online store. You can find detailed tips about driving traffic to your ecommerce site.

4. How will I sell?

You will need a reliable ecommerce platform to sell your products online. To accept every type of credit card in a secure way is an important process. You should take into account that banks have hard procedures to accept credit cards. You can also provide other payment options such as PayPal to your customers. You can see the other payment options of Shopio.

5. How much is the budget?

It’s possible to dive into the ecommerce business no matter how big is your company. If you have high budget, you will have advantage of product supply and marketing. But you can begin your ecommerce business with low cost thanks to the methods such as drop shipping. But you should set your ecommerce budget and determine the options according to that budget. You can also read the article about dropshipping. When you are sure about the budget that you can put in for this venture, you can begin setting up your ecommece store.

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