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100 Useful Terms: A Handy Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing refers to the marketing done through social platforms including blogs, ebooks, enewspapers, videos, podcasts etc. It is one of the most used marketing technique and is growing fast day by day. There are certain terms used when you come across social media marketing which the layman might not know. Listed down below are such terms alongside brief explanations of them. When you learn the meanings of these terms, you will be able to manage your ecommerce solutions easily.

1. AddThis

It is social bookmarking software that users can put on their favorite websites so that it is easier for them to visit those sites again. They can also share the sites on social networks such as Facebook.

2. Algorithm

It is a formula designed for the computers to run particular software or perform a task. An algorithm is a step by step process that makes up a set to achieve the desired result.

3. API – Application Programming Interface

An interface specifically used for different software to interact between them. It is a set of rules and protocols which are used while designing software. It tells us how the components of software should interact with each other.

4. Avatar

It is an image used by an online user or in social networks. Hence, a virtual representation of a person.

5. BackType

It is a company providing social analytics service in order to help other companies measure their engagement.

6. Bitly

It is a popular service used for shortening long URLs of websites in order to share them on social networks.

7. Blip.TV

It a platform providing videos sharing facility both free and paid depending on the users need.

8. Blog

Blog is originated for “web log”. A web log is an electronic diary for users to register their routine events.

9. Blogger

It is free service provided by Google which enables users to host a sub domain and maintain a blog.

10. Blogger Outreach

The process of contacting bloggers to create quality engaging content including quest writing and writing for a brand.

11. Blog Talk Radio

Free platform to host radio broadcast online including both live and on-demand talk which can be spread over a wide network.

12. BoardReader

If you want to find something only in the posts or titles of online blogs or social networks, it’s a perfect tool for you.

13. Boxee

It is an online video sharing and viewing platform for video lovers. It enables users not only to share and view but also to recommend videos.

14. Chat

If a person communicates with another in a one to one forum, it’s known as chatting. Messages in chat are short and quick.

15. Circles

Google+ uses circles for the connections made on it. It may include anybody you know on Google+.

16. Collecta

A search engine made especially for newfeeds and blogs around the internet. It monitors any and all updates of blogs and sites.

17. Collective Intelligence

It is a collaborative group intelligence comprised of a number of users seen in online decision making on social networks.

18. Comment

It is a response from a user on your blog post or newsfeed, providing you with their reviews regarding the posted content. It is also used in software programming

19. Compete

A perfect tool for web analytics comparison over web, helps users to not only compare but also to discover new opportunities.

20. Connections

As Facebook has friends, LinkedIn has connections. You can connect to as many people as you want on LinkedIn.

21. Craigslist

Craigslist is an online platform for buying and selling of variety of products in USA. So in a way it is a website for classified advertisement.

22. Creative Commons

An NGO determined to help others by sharing the work done already and allowing others to make a better use of it.

23. Delicious

An online bookmarking application enabling the user to access bookmarks from anywhere on the network.

24. Digg

A social network used for sharing and voting articles submitted by other users featuring the most talked about content on the web.

25. Disqus

If you seek social web integration, Disqus is the right tool for you. It deals with the moderation of your websites.

26. Ebook

If you are the new generation book lover, Ebooks can be useful for you. It is an abbreviation of electronic book.

27. Eventbrite

A ticket selling online platform for users in exchange of a nominal fee per ticket sold using their services.

28. Facebook

An online social networking website used for people to make connections with friends, family and others.

29. Firefox

A browser available as an open source and can be customized according to the needs and specifications of the user.

30. Flash Mob

When a group of people perform a surprising act in front of routine gathering, its known as a Flash Mob.

31. Flickr

A platform that allows users to share and manage all sorts of photos and videos all around the world.

32. Forum

Forums are used by online users to have discussions on a particular topic in the form of posted comments.

33. Follow Friday

#ff is a popular hashtag which twitter users include in their tweets when they recommend someone.

34. Foursquare

Foursquare is a social networking platform where users can connect with one another on the basis of their physical location.

35. Friends

When you add someone on Facebook in order to connect with them, that connection is considered as your friend.

36. Google Chrome

An online web browser source, available for free from Google services containing all sorts of plugins and customizations.

37. Google Documents

When you have to use office applications online, you can always use Google Documents which you can access anywhere and anytime.

38. Google+

A social online platform enabling personalized communication with users called connections.

39. Google Reader

Is an RSS integration tool for blogs and websites used to serve news and other information to users.

40. Gowalla

Social network with connections made on the basis of physical locations, so used as a social guide for people in a certain area.

41. Groundswell

It’s a term used for the trend of work completed through online platforms instead of corporations.

42. Hangouts

A video communication tool for Google+ which can also be used for instant messaging and allows multiple users to join the conversation.

43. Hashtag

Hashtag “#” is used predominantly on Twitter to tweet about a trending phenomenon. The use has also started on Facebook.

44. Hi5

A social networking platform focused on entertaining the youth which is used to meet new people through their common interests.

45. HootSuite

A social media management tool used for managing campaigns on a number of social websites.

46. HTML

Short for HyperText markup language is a programming language which is used for creating websites.

47. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy in which you have the permission of the potential customer. Promoting is done through online facilities such as blogs, videos, ebooks, social networking etc.

48. Instagram

Instagram is a social networking platform used for photo sharing and for following your connections and keeping updated.

49. Joomla

Users who want to build web pages and applications can use this tool effectively. It is quite easy and user friendly.

50. Klout

An influence measuring tool, it can tell you how much you are influencing the world through social networking.

51. Lifecasting

Lifecasting is a broadcast of continuing life events of a user’s life on the internet using digital media that is both photos and videos.

52. Like

When you want to appreciate the post of a friend or a user on Facebook you hit the “like” button.

53. Link Building

Search engine ranking can be improved by getting traffic on your website through this process.

54. LinkedIn

A professional networking online platform where professionals build up their portfolio used to apply for jobs.

55. Lurker

A person responsible for reading discussions which are happening online but does not participates in them.

56. Mashup

A combination of different content mixed together in one form. This can be of a video, audio or even contents of websites.

57. Meme

Memes are pictures and comments used for jokes and funny ideas throughout the social networking world.

58. MySpace

Before Facebook was launched, the most popular social networking website across the globe was MySpace.

59. Punchbowl

If you want ideas about party planning through pictures and videos, Punchbowl is a perfect website for you.

60. Newsfeed

Users view newsfeed to get latest news from their social networks. The most popular use of newsfeed is in Facebook.

61. Opera

Like Google Chrome and Firefox, Opera is yet another browser which available to the users for free.

62. Optimization

Optimization is the increase in efficiency, visibility and engagement of your blog and website.

63. Orkut

Orkut is a social networking website which was popular before Facebook was launched where users could make connections.

64. Pandora

Customized radio stations based on favorite artists of users. And recommendations to users are given based on their taste.

65. Permalink

A web link inserted in a blog pointing towards a specific webpage, which can either be a post from the same blog or any other blog or website.

66. Podcast

Downloadable non streamed webcast broadcasted through RSS which is available in digital format.

67. Posterous

Content and blogs can be posted from anywhere through this tool; so basically a free application for lifestreaming.

68. PostRank

Social media engagement is tracked and measured by PostRank effectively using ranking algorithms.

69. Qik

Online video streaming tool from mobile to web used to exchange video messages in groups and between individuals.

70. Quantcast

Used to increase web traffic and know demographics through Quantcast as it delivers real time advertisement.

71. Real-time Search

Indexing content without any delay can be possible through real-time search. Blogging is not considered a part of this.

72. Reddit

Reddit is a type of social networking site where connections are based upon common groups.

73. Retweet

When you share another person’s tweet on your twitter account, it is commonly called a retweet.

74. RSS feed

Publishing web content in a standardized format is done through RSS feeds. Since data in the feed is small it can load pretty fast.

75. RSS Reader

RSS reader is used to compile a number of articles on one platform through RSS feeds. And can bed used to display any kind of RSS feed.

76. Scribd

Documents can be shared online through this platform. It is more commonly known as a digital library.

77. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a process through which website traffic is increased and page ranking is improved.

78. Seesmic

single application used to share content on multiple social platforms. It allows user to handle multiple social accounts simultaneously.

79. Slideshare

Presentations can be shared online on Slideshare on a number of topics publically and privately.

80. Skype

Online video calling, instant messaging and file sharing can be effectively done through Skype.

81. Social Media

Social media is an online platform where people connect, share and exchange information in little or big communities.

82. Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring of social media in order to measure business popularity is social media monitoring. There are various tools to accomplish this.

83. Social Lead Generation

When you generate sales through social network, it is called social lead generation. This is mostly done by employees using various blogs and websites to gain insights on the thought process of the consumers.

84. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is an intelligent web browser, free for users, used for finding new websites and sharing them with connections.

85. Spam

Irrelevant, repetitive posts on social media platforms by businesses and individuals which are sent to users without their consent.

86. Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud is a mix of words describing the content of the website through visual representation.

87. Technorati

Technorati is a search engine especially designed for ranking blogs on the internet and an advertising platform.

88. Thread

A long strand of messages in an online conversation on a website or a blog following a post is called a thread.

89. Throwback Thursday

#tbt is a very popular weekly trend which is used to share old pictures of oneself on instagram.

90. Timeline

Facebook uses Timeline to share the users own experience including all posts and share on the website.

91. Time on Page

Google Analytics use this measure to calculate the interest of visitors on a website. By measuring the time spent on a particular page.

92. Timestamp

It is the exact time and date on which any message is posted online or when a user enters a website.

93. Touchpoints

It is a measure of variable search of the visitor from your web page. Point when a message is delivered.

94. Tracking URL

It is a web address that keeps a track of its origination and allows user to keep of any campaigns.

95. Trendjacking

Trendjacking is when brands put irrelevant content in between proper conversations for promotional purposes.

96. Triage

Allows users to give response to social media messages that are inbound in nature and allows user to keep track of mails efficiently.

97. Twitter

Twitter is a social networking platform on which users can share sentences of 140 characters with their followers.

98. Unique Visitors

The person who visits a web site for the first time is commonly known as a unique visitor in tech lingo.

99. Visit to Conversion Rate

A measure used to analyze the number of contacts of a website that do more than just view the website casually.

100. Visitor Flow

Google Analytics help the website owners to see the path visitors take in order to reach their site.

Now that you have read through the above mentioned terms and their explanations; you probably will not have to look them up every time you come across an article on social media marketing.

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