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10 Ways to Build a Large Twitter Following for Your Ecommerce Store

Social media is very effective for promoting ecommerce websites. At the beginning, for sure it may be difficult for building a large following for your social media accounts. Patience and right strategy has the key role during the promoting process. Twitter is a very important platform with its 140 million users and 300 million tweets a day. Using it correctly will bring you much more customers.

Massing a large following on Twitter is easier then other social media platforms. But it also does take time and effort. You maybe a well known expert in your area and can have many followers. This will certainly build your ego but as a small business owner, it is important to make a marketing campaign by using your Twitter accounts as your business profile.

If you are looking to grow your Twitter followers quickly and in a meaningful way, you can follow the tips below…

1. Pay attention to your profiles

Ensure your profile information (your name, picture, website and bio) is complete. You can write your interests in your bio with hashtags so other people with the same interests may find you. These people will find you interesting and retweet your messages. You can edit your profile at any time by clicking the “Edit Profile” button on your profile page.

2. Consider using your own identity

Many customers would like to know the person behind the business. Most probably you’ve seen some brand Twitter accounts using with the identity of the owner or the manager. Also in some conditions, you may have more Twitter followers then your brand’s official Twitter account. Consider using your own identity as the man/woman behind your business, to get more interaction with people.

3. Use high quality images

Big brands pay attention to the visual impact of their pages because it makes the customer think that your brand is professional and reliable. If you use the account with your brand name, you can use a high quality logo. Also pay attention for the Twitter cover. You can write other social media account names to your image. Or you can use a high quality image for your cover to make much more integration with the profile picture. Last, don’t forget to change the color of your profile to make more compatible with your brand’s color palette.

4. Talk to people

Twitter is a social platform which means you should always be interaction with other people. Talk to people and reply who mention you. Also when ever your posts are retweeted, don’t forget to thank retweeters. Whenever you get a question, answer it as soon as possible. Try to post interesting and helpful content and retweet other posts that you believe your followers may find interesting or helpful.

5. Follow fewer people than follow you

Following back people who follows you seems very kind action. But for most Twitter users accounts follow more then followers are not professional. Don’t forget that big brands don’t follow back. If you already follow more than 200 people on Twitter now, you make it lesser. Following more then 200 people is also not a good idea because of the heavy traffic. Just focus on the people you really should follow. So you can retweet their posts or get new information about the market.

6. Post often but don’t flood

Write interesting or informative content and post it on Twitter. Posting often make people will notice you and decide to follow you. People will not follow a passive account. You can use an app like buffer to space out your tweets. You can post tweet in a spesific frequency with the help of this service. Post tweets during the day, during the week and keep your followers happy. But never and ever send too many tweets at once. Don’t be a spammer, don’t be a flooder…

7. Use hashtags for your tweets

On Twitter, a hash can turn any word or group of words to a searchable link. By hashtags, you can send tweets to a group so other people in the same group will see your tweet although they don’t follow you. With the help of hashtags, The users can easily follow the subjects they are interested in and they are able to participate in the chat. So you can use hashtags to reach more audience with your single posts.

8. Tweet multimedia

Sometimes people get tired of reading content. They just want to spend their time in social media. To pull interest of these social media users, you can send interesting images or videos. Try to keep the videos at a maximum 1 minutes length. The best results will be about 7-15 seconds videos which you may find in Vine, Instagram or any other similar platforms.

9. Use Twitter directories

Twitter directories such as are also important as hashtags. They are used for categorizing Twitter users into areas of interests. There are also very good tweeters in these categories so you can find high quality content to tweet and retweet.

10. Promote your Twitter accounts

You can promote your Twitter accounts in other social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. Promote specific content on Facebook by a simple, budget friendly ad campaign. Or you can create a custom “follow me” message and share it on other platforms. Also putting your Twitter link in your email signature and business card. Try to share this button on as many platforms as possible such as your blog or personal website.

Using Twitter efficiently is very effective for ecommerce marketing. You can maintain a more profitable business combining the features of Shopio and Twitter. If you want to create an ecommerce website with a full social media integration, you can try Shopio free for 14 days.


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