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Women are Online: Is your E-commerce Store Good Enough for Women Customers?

You need to know well about your target audiences to become a successful ecommerce site owner. If you know well to whom you will sell, it can be possible to get your online store success up by taking account the choices and habits of this described target audience. For instance, if your target audience is generated totally or mostly by women customers, being aware of the factors that affect their purchasing decisions, makes you contact with them on your online store in a correct way in other words helps you to use their purchasing experiences. There are very important differences between the factors that affect the decisions to purchase of women and men and this issue shouldn’t be ignored. It can be said that the most significant of them are:

  1. Methods to communicate
  2. Decision processes
  3. Sense of aesthetics
We will eventually analyze all of them but firstly we would like to share most important tips about the correct aesthetic approaches for a better contact with women customers on your website.

1) Images

To increase your chance to sell to women you may prefer the happy images of the people who use that product instead of the product picture. According to the researches, it affects the decision of women to see and to identify happy women who use your product on the images.

2) Texts

Generally women would like to get all of answers on their minds before they decide to purchase. If you aim to sell to women, it would be useful to give as much information as possible. Using sincere texts that also cause a sense will contribute to create a connection with women and to make them your permanent customer. Women like sharing. Because of that do not forget that a permanent women customer would advertise you voluntarily.

3) Side and general design

According to the researches the brains of the women are tend to think more holistic. Their sense of aesthetic is softer and circular. So that the designs with a soft form instead of sharp and hard border lines can affect them aesthetically. If your target audiences are women, the different designs with soft lines would be useful.

4) Usage and redirection

Usage of the website is very important for women. If they are not able to find the things they search for on their first a few clicks most probably they will leave the site immediately and won’t visit again. If you wish to sell to women, you should know that they prefer to be guided. You can help them by directions like “Buy now”, “buy now free shipping”, “Buy now, make others jealous”.

5) Speech and fonts

Take into account to establish a bond with women if your audiences are women. So you can prefer to use an informal language in the texts. To make them trust in you call them sincerely. Fonts are one of them that reflect the sincerity. Women prefer the fonts that reflect the daily life and similar to handwritings. If you wish to sell to women you need to abstain from the fonts with hard and sharp lines.

6) Colors

Color preferences vary from person to person but it can be possible to say that women generally prefer vivid colors. If you present the products for women, you can prefer the articles with vivid and luminous colors onto a surface with soft color. We believe in that these tips will be very useful for you to increase your sales women.


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