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Why You Can’t Ignore Advertising on Bing and Yahoo!

In previous years when Google was the almighty leader of Search Engines and ruthlessly ruled over the Internet, companies looking to implement online marketing strategies could easily neglect advertising on Bing and Yahoo! as part of their marketing campaign, as Google’s prodigy Adwords, was considered more than enough for the success of an online marketing campaign. Given Google’s dominance, this was justifiable as companies never required using Bing or Yahoo! to further boost their campaigns. However, now the times have changed. Google’s grip over Search Engines and paid search advertising has gradually grown weaker and the likes of other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! have gained exposure as worthy candidates that should be regarded as an important part of your online marketing strategies. *Related Post: Getting Ahead of Search Marketing for Online Stores Currently, Bing Advertising (which is also targeting Yahoo!) ranks right next to Google as it has racked up the list of impressive functions and metrics if Google’s Adwords stands beside it in comparison.

The Perks of Advertising on Bing

Some of the advantages online marketing strategists can gain through Bing Advertising are explained in detail here. To sum it up in simple words, Bing…
  • Has ads that enable you to incorporate ad titles of up to 40 characters, whereas Adwords lacks behind in this regard, restricting you only under 25
  • Overhauled Google’s search share between 2011 to 2012 by an impressive 5%
  • Has a CPC which is relatively lower (50-70% lower, to be exact) if compared to Adwords. The competition has always been lower CPC and this is an exceptional trait
  • As compared to Google, lists more ads, which means there is an increasing number of top spots at the top of each page
  • Enables advertisers to import their campaigns on Adwords and optimize them directly into their Advertising account on Bing

Bing and Yahoo! Account for Nearly 30% of the Total Search Share

The days when the only platform for online advertising required by companies was Google’s Adwords are long gone. As of now, companies need to make up ground for the search share Google has lost out on. According to the statistics last year, Google did have an impressive 67.1% share of the online search industry in the US, but Bing and Yahoo! were right behind it with 16.9% and 11.8% percent shares respectively. This goes to show you how potentially disruptive the negligence of Bing and Yahoo! can be as combined together, they represent nearly 30% of the online search industry’s share. Therefore, it is highly recommended you keep these two platforms in mind while designing your next online marketing strategy. Despite all of these advantages that advertising on Bing and Yahoo! offer, by no means should you consider giving up on your Adwords campaigns. However, you should consider it equally important to use Bing and Yahoo! for advertising purposes as these search engines are right up there with Google at the top of the list. *Related Post: Pay-per-Click (PPC) for Your Online Store: Is It Worth It?


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