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Conversion Rate is a Key Element for Your Ecommerce Store. But What is an Ideal Conversion Rate ?

The most popular question in ecommerce is probably “the ideal conversion rate”. “The ideal conversion rate” is the question also we get among our numerous customer. We would like to give a simple answer to this question but we serve in ecommerce industry for an enough time to know that there is not any simple answer of this question. Unfortunately the conversion rate is an extensive and complicated case which is not possible to be explained by a few number. We have published a text about increasing the conversion rates before. Now we will talk over the case why there is not a simple and a unique answer of this question collecting the factors that affect the conversion rate. If you are interested in ecommerce for a while, you probably heard about the different ecommerce conversion rates. The conversion rate of Amozon, very successful about this issue, is 4%. It’s said that the ideal average conversion rate would be between 1 and 2. But these rates may not be suitable for you. Because the conversion rate of any site cannot be an example for another ecommerce site. Each of the online stores’ own dynamics create a unique conversion rate, too. We can bring together the factors that differ in every ecommerce site and affect the conversion rate directly: • Product range and categories • Seasonal factors • Prices • Payment options • Shipping costs • Ongoing marketing/advertisement activities • Ongoing marketing/advertisement activities of the competitors • Source of traffic • Product pages As you see most of them are the measures which differ from each ecommerce sites and so every conversion rates of each ecommerce sites will be differed naturally. It would be a good attitude to determine the conversion rate as a rate which should always be developed rather than a rate to be reached. The conversion rate can always be developed. So it would be good to determine the conversion rate as a point above your current conversion rate. And what do you think about ideal conversion rate? You can share your ideas below.


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