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What Google Plus Communities Can Do for Your Ecommerce Business?

Google Plus Communities is one of Google’s many features which they integrated into their own social media platform Google Plus. Like most social media networks nowadays, you can also use Google Plus and Google Plus Communities to further build your ecommerce business and online store. If you have been utilising social media in your online marketing efforts, then you shouldn’t have much difficulty treading the waters of Google Plus and Google Plus Communities. However, for those who are new to these, here are some insights about how you can best use Google Plus Communities for your business.

A New Channel for Marketing

Google Plus Communities are great places to connect with potential and existing customers and online shoppers. Take note though that by “connect” we mean “interact and communicate” and not completely market your products and services in the said platform. This is because Google Plus Communities are places where people with the same interests and passion go to meet other people and interact with them. They didn’t join these communities in order to be bombarded by product promotions. However, this does not mean that you can’t use Google Plus Communities to market your business. You can use Google Plus Communities to market your business but with moderation and some strategic marketing. You can post relevant blogs like “Top Tips..” or product reviews which many community members find really helpful. If your business is about retail clothing, don’t write about the new arrivals on your product line. Instead, write a list of the latest and trendiest fashion tips you know about and link it back to your website.

A Place for Research

Even if you have created your own Google Plus Community, you should still join other communities which are similar to yours. This will not only give you access to more potential customers, but it will also allow you to learn what makes those communities successful and how you can use those to improve your own community. You can also use both your own community and others to “listen in” to what people are talking about, what they need and what they want from businesses like you.

Establishing Reputation and Authority

You can also build reputation and authority in your niche through Google Plus Communities by answering questions from the community members. You can answer them directly by sharing your knowledge and idea about a topic or a niche, or point them to your website where the answer can be found. Either way, you are slowly showing them that you know your business, and that helps to build your online reputation. Another popular method of answering questions is by holding Google Hangouts. This video conferencing feature of Google allows you and other community members to talk face to face and thus foster better relationships between you and the community members.

Google Plus Communities Aid in SEO

All your posts in the Google Plus Community board is indexed by Google in their organic search results, thus helping online shoppers, community members and other internet user find you faster. When people like what you posted, they can give you a +1 which further helps to bring your ranking higher. You can also create backlinks to your online store in the “About” section of the Google Plus Community you created in order to aid improve your store’s online visibility. Don’t forget to be helpful, too. Try to answer as many questions as you can in the community board. An overview with a link back to your online store’s blog for more details is a good idea. All these combined will help your website rank better in search results, and drive traffic to your ecommerce business and online store.

Some Final Words…

It’s not easy to manage a Google Plus Community page if you’re busy with your business, but it can bring a lot of benefits to your ecommerce business when used appropriately and strategically. So go build a community page, gather some followers starting with family and friends and customers and then start posting some great content, and soon you’ll see how much your network of customers and business partners can grow with Google Plus Communities.


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