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What are the benefits of facebook likes for your e-commerce business?

Facebook is one of the most effective one among the new generation marketing tools. Most of the ecommerce sites are trying to get more likes on their accounts that they have created on Facebook and they search for various methods to make it happen. And do you know the benefit of the likes on Facebook for your ecommerce site? Unfortunately the number of likes on Facebook accounts becomes a competition among the competitors. When you focus on gaining more likes, you miss the real potential and effect of Facebook which is a marketing channel. Related Post: Facebook Marketing Tips for Your E-commerce Business The source of the problem is that some of the experts whose business is social media management don’t inform the customers and users on this issue. If you are aware why is the number of likes important for your ecommerce site, you can step forward and you can achieve to increase your sales. We would like to share some helpful details for you.

Increases the number of people you reach

Let’s suppose that there are 1000 accounts who like your Facebook page. Facebook doesn’t show your share to entire of this mass. Nearly 10 or 15 percent of this mass will see your shares. If 1000 people like your page your share will be arrived to 100 or 150 people. This rate will increase or decrease depending on the number of likes. The number of total likes of your page affects directly that a message arrives to how many people.

Helps you to reach the acquaintances of the people you have already reached

If you share qualified contents, some of the people would comment or like your shares. Some of their friends will be aware of these likes or comments. So you will be able to reach a group who haven’t liked your page before. This is an important effect that would help you to gain new customers.

Drives traffic to your site

When you share a link relating to your products on your ecommerce site, some of the potential customers will be interested in your products and click on the link to review. If conversion rate of your ecommerce site is 1%, you can foresee that one among 100 click would be a sale. Related Post: 5 Traffic Sources for Ecommerce Websites

Drives traffic to your site economically

For example, you have an advertisement campaign that cost 10 cent per a click and you got 100 clicks. That means this campaign costs 10 dollars for you. For a Facebook page with 10 000 likes, 1000 people may view your share and 50 of them may click. You can gain 100 click without paying anything for advertisement.

You earn more thanks to likes

According to the researches the people who like a page on Facebook, purchase more than the others. It can be foreseen that you can earn two times more from the people who like your Facebook page. It can be good to define that this is a total amount per a customer, not per month or annual. And it will change depending upon your products and your product range. You can foresee that your Facebook page fans will help you earning more. Of course, first of all you need an ecommerce website. Now you can create your online store in seconds. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to set up a Shopio store and start selling online.


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