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[Infographic] What are People Really Buying Online

People clearly buy different kind of products online than they buy from a store. The winner of sales is still offline market according to a study by the US Census Bureau. However, some categories in which online sales dominate each product marketplace. These are books and magazines, clothing, and electronics. Here are some examples from the infographic: – Drugs & health aids, is the most important retail category, and is not so popular in ecommerce (only 8,8% of the total sales are made online) – People are buying more clothes online that offline ($13.6B vs $7.0B) – There are kind of categories that ecommerce dominates offline sales: books, electronics, food, beer & wine, furnitire, music & videos, etc. To get more deeper, check out the infographic below. Percentages show e-commerce sales as a percent of total sales.

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What are People Really Buying Online


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