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Ways To Attract Mind-Blowing Sales Through Your Product Pages

This is a Guest Post by Christopher Meloni from Dealslands UK for Shopio eCommerce Blog

Many online stores around the world encounter a common problem: Their portal attracts a lot of visitors but very few of them actually convert into sales. This is a major business problem where the customers do visit the product pages of online stores but go away without buying anything. And this can be damn frustrating. It’s actually a case of you not being able to make your first impression right in front of the visitors. But don’t worry, like all the problems in this world, this issue can also be fixed with a straightforward solution – Eliminate the product page gaffes and thus impress your potential customers rather than turning them off!! If you are able to convert the casual browsers on your site into customers, then you will certainly win the battle of the online sale. Below are some of the ways, which, if followed, guarantee to bring in mind-blowing sales through the product pages of your online store.

1. KISS (Keep It Simple Silly)

Yes, you heard it right. The design of an online store is one of the deciding factors in the ‘product page to sales conversion’ game. Always keep everything in your store-design very simple for the customers to see and access. Try to keep the pattern in all of your product pages familiar and clutter-free. The theme of the store should be neatly designed. The storefront should also be easily navigable. That’s because if a potential customer walks into your online store and finds that your products are not organized in a proper way, then it can be so frustrating for him/her that he/she may eventually choose not to buy anything from your store at all. Hence, all your product categories should be displayed at one place, and the homepage of your portal should prominently link to your storefront. In short, incorporate such a responsive design for your online store that for customers, the process of finding the product categories and products becomes intuitive, and thereby give them a good reason to buy.

2. High Quality Product Photography

Normally, in a retail store, the customers can examine the products that they intend to buy from every possible angle, and even try those products to see the fitting and fashion. They should get the same level of experience on your online store as well. Even though it’s not completely possible to replicate the exact experience of an offline store in an online store, you can surely bring it as closely as you can. For this the only thing you need to have are good and enhanced photographs of your product, which will attract your potential customers. The photo of all your products should be crisp, compelling and well-lit without any shadows or blurs looming over them. Let the photos be 360 degrees viewable. And if possible also have someone beautiful to model the products. Do concentrate immensely on the fact that the products shown on your store look good. Because bad photography will make you look like a bad professional, and you don’t want that to happen to your business image, do you?

3. Detailed Product Descriptions

The product descriptions play an important role in bringing in sales and hence, the products should be described in such detail that a prospective customer feels like owning it. The description should never be inadequate or unsatisfactory, or something that contains spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The sole aim while writing the product descriptions should be to sell. Also keep in mind that you need not be extensively technical about the products but rather you should project the benefits of buying and using those products.

4.Project Your Prices And Price Comparison

The pricing of all products on your store must be displayed prominently on the product pages. This is because shoppers link the quality of a product with its price. You should never hide any sort of pricing information or taxes if applicable. Also, be clear with the shipping costs as well. Customers the world over are always looking for the best possible deals on their products by comparing on the different online portals available. Hence, rather than letting them go elsewhere to compare the prices of a product they just saw on your store, straightaway demonstrate to them that your price is unbeatable. Do this by highlighting that you offer the best price by projecting the prices of the specific product on other stores. This way you can keep your customers to yourself.

5. Product Videos- The Game Clincher

There are some fantastic benefits in including a video about the product on your product pages. According to a study, consumers are about 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it. Today, it has become very easy to shoot, produce, edit and upload a video even if you have little experience about it. Hence there is no reason you should not do it to avail maximum sales through it.

6. Be Transparent About Your Details

Trust is a major factor in online shopping. And hence, an ‘About Us’ page should certainly be there on the portal containing your story and actual details of your Company. Also regularly update the press coverage of your store for the customers to see. This enhances their confidence in you. There should also be a dedicated page of Product reviews and testimonials by your old customers for the new ones to see. Build an online community of your customers for them to interact with each other about your store and products and thereby let them market your store and products without you having to do anything. You can also use the popular social media networks to build a platform for your customers to interact with you and each other about the products on your store and thereby create a greater chance of getting sales as more and more people are active on social media today. Furthermore, have a dedicated contact number and email id so that the people can reach you for any kind of support or inquiry. You can also maintain a dedicated team of professionals to regularly interact with your customers, get their feedback, and thereby remove any suggested flaws from your system. In short, the more reasons that you give your potential-customers to trust you and feel secure shopping with you, the more sales you produce.

7. Say No To Inventory Issues

For a customer who has zeroed in on a product and added to his/her cart, it is very irritating to be told that the particular product is out of stock. This makes them feel let down by you and it certainly affects your sales. Hence always let your customers know in advance which of your products are out of stock and if it is, communicate to them about when you expect it to be back in stock again. Because the more you communicate about your stock levels to them the better they will feel and they will surely wait to order that product from your store only.

8. Incorporate The Right ‘Calls To Action’

The ‘Calls to Action’ buttons are the most important features to be concentrated upon if you want to convert your product page browsing into subsequent sales. The calls to action should be brief, informative and apt. These are called calls to action because a user is going to take action through these. The examples are: buy now, add to cart, save for later, etc. But keep in mind that you don’t overload the product pages with these calls to action and only include those that are relevant.

9. Cheer-Up Your Customers With Attractive Schemes

Have a clear and honest return policy for your customers if they are not happy or satisfied with the delivered products. If they have made a mistake, then have a large heart and provide them with an easy solution for that at your own cost. Rest assured, this is going to be beneficial for your sales in the long run. Also shower them with regular rewards and discounts on your products. This will create an emotional bond between you and your customers and they will keep coming back to your store for buying more and more products and they will also tell others to do so. Create a terrific user experience to raise your conversion rates. And make sure that you do everything you can to turn your product pages into sales attracting ones and thus create profits for years to come, while at the same time make the shopping experience for customers on your store a truly joyful one.

Author Bio: Christopher Meloni is a Marketing manager at Dealslands UK a fastest growing Online Coupon Industry. Apart from his profession, he also has a passion for the Ecommerce Industry and it’s Branding and likes to explore new and innovative methods of marketing within his field. Connect with Christopher on Twitter.


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