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Understanding Title Tags and the Role They Play In Your SEO Campaign

Planning and incorporating an SEO strategy means you have to take a considerable amount of metrics, statistics, analysis, and any other complex subjects you can think of into consideration. However, one thing that most SEO strategists tend to look over is the importance of Title Tags. Title tags can most often make or break your SEO strategy. How? The first and only thing that a user observes while going through the search results is your page’s title. And if your title can’t seem to attract their attention, there goes your entire SEO strategy right down the drain. Before missing out on any prospects due to an unattractive title tag, consider following the below mentioned words of wisdom as they will likely help you out in coming up with better title tags for your SEO campaign.

Length Is Always Critical

You don’t want your SEO title tag to be so short that a user barely even recognizes it as a link, and neither do you want it be too long that nobody bothers reading it. The title tag needs to be of a certain length, not anything less and not anything more. For instance, Google has a maximum length of 50-60 characters per title. For those who stay under the limit, it’s all good. But those who exceed the limit will likely face punishment in the form of having their title cut short when it appears in the search results. Related Post: 10 Moves to Build Better Backlinks to Your Online Store

Keyword Placement

Keyword placement is another tricky factor in SEO title tags. Ideally, you are supposed to place the keyword as close to the start of the title as possible. This is essentially due to the fact that doing so will help you rank better in the search engines, and also make it all the while easier for the users to recognize whether or not your page has anything relevant to what they are looking for.

Leverage Branding

Of course, SEO is all about getting your product or brand out there in the online market. As such, making sure the brand is mentioned strategically throughout the SEO campaign is quite essential. The same goes for the title tag. You should consider adding your brand’s name into the title as it will help you establish your name among your niche more easily. Where you place the name, however, is another story. For this, you just need to remember this: the more renowned your brand’s name is, the more closer to the start the name should be placed in the title tag, as this will likely increase click-through rates due to the brand’s reputation.

Consider Emotional Impact and Readability

The title is supposed to connect with the users on an emotional level, and it needs to do so while being simple, effective, interesting, and understandable. Nobody wants to read something they can’t even understand. So consider counting emotional impact and readability as among the most essential aspects of creating an effective title tag as well.


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