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Understanding the Psychology of Buying

There are too many parameters that affect the ecommerce website success such as product quality, website design, customer relations and marketing strategies. Addressing this issue effectively and carrying it out would make you successful. But if you want to make a difference between you and your rivals, you can try to understand the human psychology and buying habits.

There is always a possibility to be mistaken of your sale targets and expectations. This mistakes may be caused by emotional factors that affect the purchase decision of the customers. However you don’t face with the customers directly, you should understand the customer psychology for persuading them them to purchase your products.

Here we brought together 3 important details that affect the customers’ decision.

1. Social approval

According to the psychologists people more easily take action when they know that others have the same choice. So they believe that they gave the right decision.

To make use of it you can display how many people have purchased that product. You can promote people presenting various campaigns and advantages, as a result, it can present social approve for your customers.

Some of the companies display the likes on their Facebook account. By this, they will be seen much more with the help of the social networking. The friends of the customers will like your products and if they trust their friends, they will also trust your online store.

2. The sense of missing an opportunity

According to the researches people are more affected by the sense of missing an opportunity, than taking an opportunity. If you show what they miss if they don’t buy that product, you will observe how quickly they will decide to purchase.

To use this method it would be helpful to use the expiration dates of the campaigns. Be careful to use expressions such as “don’t miss out” or else. This kind of expressions would be much more effective for creating the purchasing zeal.

3. Show compared prices

When people evaluate with a common reference point, their feeling and their purchasing decision change. For example, however reduced price of a product doesn’t become charming enough alone. But when you display previous price for comparing with the new price, it will be much more charming.

If your product range is limited, presenting a high cost and extensive product would make the customers think other products are cheap. According to the psychologist even if you cannot sell the most expensive products, the sale of other products increase.

Most of the time people purchase to meet their needs or to take pleasure. It’s very important to make customers content after shop in terms of being remembered easily and to gain loyal customers. Making regulations to increase shopping experiments would provide advantages to you and your customers.

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