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Typical Google Adwords Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Online Advertising, one of the most effective ways to increase sales, can raise your business growth when it is managed correctly, but probable mistakes in this issue may turn you as a wasted budget. Google AdWords, one of the most popular Online Marketing Tool, provides highly developed and flexible options to the users. Just the thing you have to do is using your budget efficiently. If you are not sure about your keyword choices or if your Ads are getting lots of clicks without conversions, you may be making mistakes. I have collected most common Google AdWords Management mistakes to keep your budget safe. Related Post: A Guide for Google AdWords: Basics and Advices for Your E-commerce Business

Too many keywords

Do not add every keyword that come to your mind. Start with 10-15 keywords and review them according to their performances in a week.

Broad match keywords

Broad match keywords may drive traffic to your store but entire of the traffic may not be your target audience. For example, if you sell kitchen furniture and you choose “kitchen” as keyword, people who search for kitchen furniture as keyword and the ones who search for kitchen tools like saucepan would click and cause to increase your cost.

Negative keywords

Adding keywords that are not directly related to you as a negative keyword will prevent your Ads to be shown on irrelevant searches. For example, if you are a furniture manufacturer and selling your own goods, it will not be useful for you to let the keyword “used furniture” trigger your Ads. To prevent your Ads for this kind of issues you can add the kewyowrds (in this example “used furniture”) as a negative keyword.

Location option

If you don’t transfer everywhere in the world, making your Ads be shown in only regions you transfer makes you avoid extra costs and unnecessary displays.

Landing page

When your Ads are clicked, if your Target Page is directly related to that ad and keyword, it will both reduce the cost of the campaign and will increase the customer’s buying possibility. The more relevant your Ads and landing pages are to the customer, the more likely it is that you’ll see higher 1-10 Quality Scores and benefit from having higher quality components of your Ad Rank, like a higher position or lower CPC.

Daily low budget

It’s very interesting that one of the most common mistake is daily low budget. If your daily budget is very low your Ads will be shown in the early morning, your budget will run out and you will miss the potential customers. So that it will be very useful to budget enough to publish your Ads for all day.

Very low or very high CPC

One of the most important metrics in AdWords is to calculate the cost per a click (CPC). Increasing CPC to view your Ads on the top at every turn will cause your budget to run out. Determining very low CPC will cause you to be low in the results so that cause you to miss potantial customers. Best of all is to determine a few high CPC, analyzing day by day and testing gradually until finding the correct CPC. Related Post: Pay-per-Click (PPC) for Your Online Store: Is It Worth It? Buying Google Adwords Traffic is expensive. With Shopio, you can easily track your Adwords ROI by placing tracking codes into your pages. You’ll have the chance of getting optimized for Google Adwords so buyers will show your Ads instead of your competitors. Just with a few easy steps, you can create your Online Store today! It’s your turn: which one is the biggest mistake among them? If there are other mistakes you find out you can share them below on he comments.


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