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Twitter for Ecommerce: Quick Tips to Get Started

You may think that you advertise your products widely and have a great website design. But they are not enough in a world based on social media tools. One of the most outstanding platforms in social media is Twitter for a long time and its popularity is not affected by new media tools. If you get your online business active in Twitter, it can reach large customer masses than you can imagine in a long term. But to be active in Twitter, which strategies ecommerce business should be followed:

Add Twitter button to your website

If you add a twitter button to your website, customers can easily find the way to follow your account. To add this button, go to your Twitter account, select “settings” and then “profile”. In the bottom of page, you will see “Add buttons to your website to help your visitors share content and connect on Twitter”. Copy the HTML code here and use it to add the button. Here you can see an example from Huffington Post, which was one of 100 sites ranked by social media usability. Social bookmark

Complete your Twitter account profile

You need to specify your company information, location and web address of your official website in you Twitter profile to be more reachable. The photo you use in your personal or corporation page should be the same with the photo in your Twitter account to ensure customers about its reality. Avoid writing numbers in the place provided for names since it is a distinctive feature of fake and spam accounts. Twitter acount profile

Post sincere tweets and photos

Social media users have a different language not similar to business world language. They do not usually prefer using unpopular, serious, boring words in these channels. So tweet using sincere words and warm photos to have a connection with your customers. Sincere tweets and photos Be careful not to tweet like a computer. Avoid using cliche and stock phrases. Creating and gripping tweets will make you gain more followers and accordingly more customers.

Create clever Twitter campaigns

This method is commonly used by ecommerce companies since they are aware of attracting new followers is very easy by this way. You can organize competitions or create discount campaings special to followers or retweeters. Clever Twitter Campaigns As you see the above example, you can create a “word of mouth” effect by retweets and spread your store campaign among your followers and their own followers. It is a perfect chance to advertise your online business.

Ask your followers for their ideas

Remember that any follower is a customer or a potential customer. So interact with them as much as you can via questions. You can make a little online survey by asking them whether they are satisfied with your products and services. Share related blog posts, news and user comments about your products. Remember that these actions will raise brand awareness of your customers. Ask customers for their ideas

Tweet about popular and trending topics

Your tweets shouldn’t be outdated and you need to follow up the current issues to keep your followers on your channel. What is trending nowadays? Who is popular? Create your tweets in such a way that your followers can keep up with what is flash in social and published media. You can see a creative example for Father’s day from an ecommerce company selling tea. Tweet about trending topics

Do not send spam messages

Spam messages exactly ruin your company reputation and cause you to lose your existing and potential followers. Another point is that people consider your tweets are not good enough to follow when they see you have less followers than ones you follow. Twitter is a tool by which you can learn what people think about your company and products. Use this opportunity to improve your management by innovations and developments.

Give technical support to your followers

Consumers always expect their problems to be solved as soon as possible. So they increasingly start using Twitter to reach a company for any problem. You should also be fast to answer their tweets about their problems. They, accordingly, feel that you are interested in their problems with your service. Some companies prefer to create a separate “support account” on Twitter. One of them is Nike, whose technical support can be seen in the example below: Give Technical Support in Twitter Here the point you should be careful: do not post “automatic” tweets for any kind of problem. Try to be personal-focused to understand your customers’ needs.

Retweet positive tweets and manage negative comments

Social media users are so used to share their ideas that they also share positive comments about products and services in Twitter. When you have a possitive tweet from a customer, retweet it immediately and thank them by @mention or adding their tweets to your favorites. This will encourage your customers to make good comments about your technical service. Retweet Good Comments When you get negative comments about your products or services, try to figure out what their problems are and solve them. Do not enter into discussion with an angry customer and just be polite while having a conversation with them. Manage Bad Comments

Take Advantage of Sponsored Tweets and Twitter Advertising

Ecommerce companies can reach more people via sponsored tweets and Twitter advertising. In addition, Twitter has a new feature by which companies can advertise by targetting interests. So it will be much easier for them to reach their target customers. Here you can reach Ads Info of Twitter: Sponsored Tweets The number of Twitter users are increasing day by day and any of these users is your potential customer. So the more professional you use this popular social media tool, the more successful you will be in ecommerce sector.


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