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Top Nine Tips to Make Your First Ecommerce Sale

For an online store owner, one of the most memorable moments of starting an ecommerce business is seeing and completing your first online sale. It may sound like a simple enough thing to do, but believe it or not, many newcomers to the field of ecommerce struggle to make this step. You may see a few online shoppers trickling into your online store website, but you may also see no sales just yet. Sometimes, despite the stream of online shoppers in your store, it may take weeks or even months before you see any amount deposited into your bank account. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do in order to ease the burden of making your first online sale. Do note that this won’t be easy, and will take a lot of patience and hard work. But then again, the rewards and fulfilment you get at the end is more than worth it.

Publish Online Press Releases

Submitting a press release to various PR websites is a great way to get the word out about your online store and products. These websites have a vast audience that includes both possible customers and business partners who wish to purchase your product for their own personal consumption or as part of their inventory. There are many PR websites out there, and some of them don’t even have to cost you a penny like and which offers to distribute press releases for free. If you have enough money though, you can go for a paid press release with or which promises more audience and better distribution. Either way, PR websites can create links between you and potential buyers and help you make your first online sale.

Sell in Social Media

If your online store still doesn’t have a social media account, then this is the best time to create one. You can use social media to promote your products by posting images and videos, or even use it to communicate and engage with potential customers and buyers. Just remember though that although you are after making sales, your first concern should first be building relationships in social media. When you’ve established the relationship, the sales will follow naturally.

Start an Affiliate Marketing Program

If you want to further extend your reach to online shoppers, you may want to consider affiliate marketing. Here, other people (affiliates) will help you sell your product through their websites and blogs for a small percentage or commission. This can be a good way to generate not only your first sale but also succeeding sales especially if the affiliate is well-trusted and have a huge following.

Send Free Samples to Influencers

Influencers are people who have the ability persuade other people into doing something or, in this case, buying something, like celebrities and other notable figures. However, you will most likely have no access to these kinds of people, and so you should look for online influencers like bloggers, product reviewers and others. You can send them free samples and ask them to give it a feedback in their sites. When these influencers write, tweet, post or create a video about your product, your online store and product gets instant publicity thanks to the influencer’s followers. Aside from sending them free samples, you can also conduct an interview and post this on your website or social media account, and more importantly, tag the influencer. He or she will get notified and will most likely share the video or interview with his or her followers.

Give away Online Coupons

Only very few people are able to resist the lure of a discount or giveaway. Thus, you should definitely consider creating online coupons and then sending of listing them in coupon websites like Retail Me Not and My Coupons. If you’re not sure how to go about with this strategy, you may want to visit our previous post about considerations for offering coupons in your ecommerce business to help you out.

Consider Search Engine and Social Media Ad Campaigns

One of the most effective ways to get your online store and product in front of potential customers is through paid advertising through search engines and social media. These are way better at promoting your online stores than having to rely on organic traffic for your websites. Like they said, you have to take aggressive actions if you want to make a sale, and paid advertising is a more aggressive step than simply waiting for online shoppers to find you. Before doing so, you may want to read about the pros and cons of PPC advertising, as well as different types of Facebook ads that you can utilise.

Write and Share a Blog Post

Blogs are very important in websites since they generate fresh content on a regular basis, which helps in improving SEO rankings. In addition to that, this is also the chance for you to promote in detail your product. By writing about your product – from descriptions to its different benefits and drawbacks, and even some case studies if you have any, you are showing online shoppers that you know your products well and that you are an authority in the niche. Be sure to share your post and your blog in you social media account, or if you think it’s worth it, publish it in a free PR site.

Sponsor an Event

You don’t have to be a big business in order to sponsor an event. Even with a little capital, you cab sponsor and event and help improve your online visibility among online shoppers. Just be sure that you choose the event you wish to sponsor carefully. Make sure that your products appeals to the participants in the event, and not any random choice just so you can brag that you’re sponsoring an event.

Join Comparison Shopping Engines

Comparison shopping engines like Google shopping allows you to post your products on the website and compare the prices with other online stores that sell the same product as yours. This is like going head-to-head with other online stores as you can see in the image below. Although most people who visit comparison shopping engines are here to buy based on price, there are those who consider the product’s quality, so don’t lower your prices just to stay competitive or else you will be jeopardizing your business. Making you first online sale is not as easy, and the time it can take can be frustrating. However, you can always work a way through this by following any of the tips and strategies mentioned above and of course by being patient and hardworking. So, you’ve set up an online store and armed yourself with a few tactics and strategies for making your first online sale. Now, go make it happen. *Related Post: 9 Ways to Drive New Customers to Your Online Store


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