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Top 5 Reasons Customers Do Not Buy From Your Online Store

Ecommerce managers think as long as they have good products, everybody will fall into their online stores. Unfortunately this idea is totally wrong. If you’ve build an online store and think that your customers are not as much as you thought before you dived into this business, here is the answer for you: You should persuade people to buy what you are selling…

Sometimes marketing your product is not enough for selling too. If your marketing is not meeting the requirements for persuading your visitors to buy, you should remake the marketing strategy. If you have difficulty in selling your products, you should consider the following reasons why consumers don’t buy your products. Here we provide you 5 solutions to convert consumers into your customers.

1. Make people aware of your product

Consumers will not purchase your products till they are aware of it. First, you should make a good marketing strategy. Create ad campaigns and provide people know about your brand. If you are marketing, but consumers still don’t coming to your online store, that means there is something wrong and you should pay attention on it. Be sure that you are targeting the right market with a right message. Your message (your ads) should reach to people who will be interested in your products. Here the importance is not the amount of marketing. It is, where are you marketing and what marketing tools you are using…

2. Show the benefits of your products

One of the most important key elements of purchasing decision is the price of the products. But in many cases, price is not the primary factor. Consumers also buy products, if they believe the benefits of your products are useful for them. So, make sure that you can show the benefits of your products in order for consumers to take interest in purchasing them. For each product create a list of minimum top 3 benefits. And use them in your marketing messages and product descriptions.

3. Make consumers feel your products are worth of buying

Although your prices are affordable for everybody, if the consumers don’t believe your products have no value, they will not buy them. Here you should answer these questions: Why should customers value your products? Why should they buy your products? As we mentioned above, you can use the benefits of your products to create a perceived value which will have an effect on sales. If the customers see no value and think it is not worth of buying your products, they will simply ignore your online store and maybe will not come back again. You must create the perceived value in your marketing message. By this, you will also increase your brand value too.

4. Let them see how your products meet their needs

We’ve already mentioned about the benefits and value of your products. Now it is time to talk about the needs. Your product can be a high quality one which makes it valuable. Also it can have too many benefits. But do they meet the consumers needs? Do they save their time? Do they make their life easier? Do they make them feel better? Do they make them different from non users? You should tell your consumers that they really need your product. Instead of making them guessing if they need your products or not, you can give examples of the usages of your products. For example; you sell a mobile phone, instead of saying your product has a very powerful CPU and GPU, you can tell your consumers that, with your mobile phone, they can play games without any slowing or freezing!

5. Teach them how to use your products

Consumers will hesitate to buy your products because they will be in doubt whether they will be able to use them or not. Some of the products will be used only by experts. And some will be fit for only a few of consumers. Especially technological products might make this feeling. So if you want to sell a mobile phone, try to show how to use the features of the product instead of writing the specs. Think that your mobile phone has a feature to take panoramic photos. Make a video tutorial or a short article with many photos and show your consumers how they can use this feature. After they see how easy to use your product, they will definitely buy it if they are persuaded about the benefits and the value.

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