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Top 5 PPC Mistakes that Can Damage Your Online Business

Many online store owners and online entrepreneurs are often enticed to use pay per click advertising (PPC ads) because of the many benefits that they bring. However, when used carelessly, PPC ads can do more harm than good to your online business. How do you avoid this scenario? Start by avoiding these 5 common PPC mistakes that many of your competitors make.

Lack of Attention to Details

The devil is in the details, so they say, even in PPC advertising – and more often than not, the devil manifests itself in the form of grammar, spelling and sentence structure errors. These kinds of mistakes can make your ad and your business look unprofessional and incompetent – and you don’t want people to have that kind of impression on your online business, do you? Thus, before you launch your ad, make it a point to review your copy for any of these writing errors or you can ask other people to look at it for you.

Incorrect Placement

Nowadays, search engines and websites always show a PPC ad that is relevant to the search term internet users’ type in the search box – and sometimes, even in not so relevant ones. This is where optimizing for specific keywords that you want to be found for comes in – but what about optimizing for keywords you don’t want to appear in? You don’t want your online toy store to appear in a website or queries about… well, you know. Anyways, to lessen the chances of your PPC ads appearing in the wrong place, be sure to take the time to make a list of negative keywords and phrases, which filters the kind of searches that your ads are shown to. If you think that a certain keyword is not relevant to your ad, be sure to add them as negative keywords so that Google will not show your ads when internet users’ type that keyword. *Related Post: Pay-per-Click (PPC) for Your Online Store: Is It Worth It?

Using Too Many Keywords

Keywords are good, so good that you pay for hundreds of dollars for them in your PPC ads. Although it may look like a good idea to stuff your ad campaign with all the relevant keywords you can think off, this is never a good idea. Because you are trying to cover as many keywords as you can in one ad, it will be difficult to create a highly targeted ad. Thus, it is a better idea to focus on a maximum of 5 relevant and related keywords instead of going broad – suffice to say that in this case, less is indeed more.

Making Your Homepage Your Landing Page

Some PPC ad users sometimes direct their visitors to their website’s homepage instead of a dedicated landing page. Although this has some benefits like being able to show to your visitors what your online store or business is about, homepages have lower conversion rates when compared to actual landing pages. Since you are spending cash in order to get visitors, you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your PPC ad investment, and having dedicated landing page is the best way to do this.

Echoing Other Advertisers

Some online stores who put up a PPC ad often simply copy what their competitors say – that’s why we see so many advertisements that look and sound very similar, with the exception of the online store’s name. That’s what makes PPC ads boring. If you are going to pay for advertising, you may as well pour everything you’ve got into it – let loose your creativity and start looking at what you can offer people that your competitors can’t. You may not have the number one ranking keyword, but this is not always what makes people click on the ad – it’s the uniqueness of your offer and the flair in the words of your copy. PPC, when used correctly and strategically, can bring a lot of benefits to your online store or business. By avoiding the PPC mistakes mentioned above, your ad will be able to attract more clicks, which increases your chances of doing business and earning profits. *Related Post: Digital Marketing is not a Tool, It is a Must!


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