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Top 5 Free Name Generators to Help You Create Your Ecommerce Brand

Starting a business is a very exciting process. When you have a good project, most probably you would like to establish a company. Your project is in your mind, you have a service or a product. And now you are ready to create your ecommerce website. Everything is cool but what about the name of your business?

Choosing a domain name for your online store is critical as quality of your products. Building a memorable and profitable brand is very difficult, especially at the beginning. You can get help from your friends, or you can get inspiration from other companies. But here we are ready to help you for finding your business name. To help you not to get lost in the world of letters, we have chosen top 5 business name generator tools for you.

1. Name Mesh

Name Mesh is a free tool which allows you to find domain names based on the keywords you enter. It searches the internet with common name registration companies and shows you the available domain names in different categories. The categories will let you to find domain names that are SEO friendly, short, fun etc. There are more then six million words in the database which provides you a wide range of results to find your business name.

2. NetSubstance

NetSubstance is a more simple tool for generating brand and domain names. The interface of the tool is very user friendly. All you need to do is entering the keywords to the textbox. You can also select the percentages of vowels, prefixes and suffices of the generated name. Sometimes the results can be very different then the keywords you entered. It is because, most of the variants are already taken.

3. Wordoid

Wordoid is a very intelligent tool for generating tools. In opposition to NetSubstance, Wordoid has a better algorithm to create beautiful names. If you need a cool name for your brand, you can use Wordoid very effectively. The tool also lets you to generate names in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. In addition to entering a keyword, you can generate a completely random list of names also. You will like one of the Wordoids in the list.


Naming Net is another creative tool to use. But it does not show you if the generated names are also available for making a domain or not. So if you only would like to create a brand name, you can use this tool, otherwise it will not be very effective. The tool has an option of generating Greek and Latin based words too. Which may be very useful to establish a cool product name.

5. Name Station

NameStation is another powerful tool to generate domain names. So it is mostly used for generating domain names. With the keyword suggestion and name variation based on your search criteria, it provides you very creative and effective domain names which are available. To use the Name Station tool, you should register the website which the registration process is totally free.

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