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Top 3 Trends to Know for Increasing the Sales of Ecommerce Sites

With the help of the opportunities which ecommerce provides, online customers are increasing day by day. The increase of the online customers is bringing a change of the needs and shopping ways. For shining in this ecosystem of ecommerce, you should pay attention to these changes.

It is not difficult to say in the near future, ecommerce will strike into the interaction of the potential customers. Customized services will be an option for this new way of interaction. For this, it seems that ecommerce managers will try to serve new experiences to the customers to drive them into their online stores.

1. Shopping anytime anywhere

People can do shopping whenever and wherever it is suitable for them. While coming back to home from work, they can buy anything they want by using their mobile phones or laptops. Or even while they are surfing on the web or chatting on Facebook. This increases the importance of serving flexible buying experience which will be very effective on persuading the customers for buying from your online store.

Researches show that the most popular hours for shopping is 12:00 to 14:00 in the weekdays and on Sunday. If you want to make an PPC ad campaign, you can use this data for a beginning model and divide this model into the days. Also you can use different marketing channels to be more effective. As such, your online store should be able to provide services 24/7 such as after sales care or a good technical support.

2. Finding out products via social media

As you already know, with the help of mobile phones, now people may find out your products via social media. We can name this new trend as “Finding out products via social media”. The researches show us traffic driven from Facebook to ecommerce sites is decreased 5%, but the traffic driven from mobile phones is increased 7%.

The same researches show us that usage of social media on mobile phones is also increased. Desktop users are mostly want to buy what they have in their mind. But the mobile phone users are always eager to explore new products. One more information about the research; orders on ecommerce websites came throughout social media is also increased 202% which is a surprising ratio.

3. Mobile orders

The researches show us orders given on mobile devices increased 23% in one year. The 1/3 of orders came from the mobile devices instead of laptops or desktops. In 2012 12% of people were buying products from online stores via mobile devices. In only 2 years it is increased to 175%. For this reason, it is now very important to create an online store with a responsive design.

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