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Tips To Avoid Your eCommerce Store Getting Penalized By Google

Google, the biggest search engine in the world, is one of the most important traffic sources in terms of content and online shops. All of the sites are in a competition to come to the top of the search engines, Google in particular. To present the best results to the users, Google is careful about the measures that the sites should have. If your ecommerce site doesn’t meet these needs, you will be punished by Google and you will take part at the end of the list. The sites in the first page have opportunities to take advantages of search traffic. So it’s an important issue for ecommerce sites. What kind of ecommerce stores are penalized by Google? We brought together the results of these questions.

Repeated content

Repeated content decreases the value of your site in terms of search. This is a situation that happens in online stores in which the products have little differences or they are similar. If there is a need for a repeated content, it would be good to bring them together in a page and to make referrals for that page in the related parts of the products.

Slow loading pages

If your online store is loading slowly, it would make your users unhappy. What makes your users unhappy also makes Google unhappy and in this case Google would punish you leaving at the last pages.

Poor and short contents

You may not have anything to say for some of the products but this is not acceptable for Google. You should check the contents on the product pages that the contents are long enough and there is not any misspelling, and they are prepared in correct expressions.

Inactive pages

You may forget to remove some of the links when you change something on your site. even it’s not easy to recognize it for you, Google is aware of everything on your site and it will decrease your quality score. And give you a place at the end of the search results.

Poor referrals

Having referrals of your online shop from other sites is a plus in terms of Google. But some of the methods which are tried to have an external referral may be a reason of punishment for Google. Buying referral is not approved by Google but it’s a frequently used method. When Google determine the sites which have bought referrals, not only it punishes your site giving a place at the end of the search results but also it may punish your site by not giving any places at the search results. All in one eCommerce solution – Shopio is developed to help you to get the best results in the search engines. You can try our 14 day Free Trial now, as a result you can start earning thanks to your ecommerce site that will take place at the top of the search engine results.


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