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Tips for Starting an Online Business: Ecommerce Myths and Realities

Ecommerce is one of the most rapidly growing industries. Specially for the developing countries, ecommerce provides numerous opportunities both for the people interested in ecommerce and for the customers. The more business firms get interested in ecommerce, the more increase the numbers of the customers who purchase on the internet and the rates of online purchasing. It’s a fact that digital technologies have effect every area of our lives. But when we look closer it’s possible to observe that digital rituals are formed by natural demands and expectations of people. Consumer rituals, expectations and structure of traditional commerce are the things to care about. If you miss that it makes harder to success ecommerce even if it has a big potential. We collected some of the misconceptions for you to pretend you from making mistake. Related Post: Basic Ecommerce Terms for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs – 1

Ecommerce is a business at no cost

Incorrect. We can say that ecommerce costs less when compared to traditional commerce, but it will be a big claim that will not come true. Of course there is a price of having an attractive ecommerce site with high-level of security. It would be good to take into account the cost even if it costs less than a physical store. Supplying, storing and shipping of the products that you sell on your site will be individually costs for you. You would need a capital to obtain the products you would sell on your online store. It would be useful to take into account an advertisement budget even if it’s only a few.

I would be rich from the first day on

When a site is set up, it would probably face with the lowest number of the customers on the first day. If you haven’t prepared a campaign before, you will probably pass your times trying to make your customers being aware of you. Ecommerce is a business with high income but waiting it to be happen on the first phase will be an excessively optimistic attitude.

The customers will trust my site

Sense of trust is a long termed process. The only possibility to trust anyone who we don’t meet in daily life is to be directed to him by somebody to whom we already trust. Being an honest seller, having a high level of security technologies may not be enough to make the customers trust you at the first step. Besides them the contents of the texts on your site, your attitudes towards the customers will increase the trust of your customers step by step. Related Post: [Infographic] Roadmap for a Trustworthy Online Store Ecommerce is a serious business and there are a lot of points to take seriously. Even if ecommerce has numerous advantages, not to rely on the things we mentioned above would be useful for you to be a profitable online business owner. If you are interested in getting your business online, Shopio is a super simple ecommerce website builder to start selling online in just a few clicks. Create an online store today with Shopio.


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