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The Importance of Social Media in Ecommerce Business

Social media is not about friendship requests, likes or dislikes and tweets, or stalking what people are doing right now etc. It is about grasping soul of the people! But do not worry, not in a depressing way. We can assure you social media is a place where you can reach many people at the same time. And reaching countless people is “highly” important in ecommerce business. “Highly important, extremely important, very important”; when wrote in this way, it may seem not so convincing. But we are sure you’ll notice how social media plays a crucial role in online sales and website traffic when you’re told about stats and figures:

Let’s see 10 stats gathered to see the impact of social media on ecommerce:

  1. 90% of purchases are made in parallel with social media influence.
    Meaning: The more you exist in social media, the more you make sales.
  2. 84% of customers say word of mouth affects their decisions on a purchase.
    Meaning: “Word of mouth” is best performed via social media tools. You should believe that anything popular in America gets popular in China in a few hours thanks to social media effect.
  3. 67% spends more for online purchases upon social media recommendations.
    Meaning: A product which is recommended on social media is more desired by potential customers.
  4. 60% use social networking sites when shopping online.
    Meaning: Do not underestimate importance of sharing based sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest in ecommerce sector.
  5. 54% of online customers want customer services be active in social media.
    Meaning: Are you good at online sale but not at online customer services? We suggest you not to disappoint your customers.
  6. 40% purchase an item after sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
    Meaning: “I like it, I share it and I want to buy it.” Yes!  Here is the key of online business world.
  7. 36% prefer using shopping portals such as Bing Shopping, Yahoo Shopping for secure shopping.
    Meaning: Shopping portals are one of the main platforms giving customer the chance of reliable shopping.
  8. 3.2 average unique visitor per share in social media tools.
    Meaning: Attracting visitors is a challenging issue for online business owners. Solving this issue by social media power must be much easier.
  9. 31% benefit from online product/retailer reviews such as CNET, during an online shopping.
    Meaning: Costumers trust the recommendations from people having experiences on online sale platforms.
  10. 79% of online business owners agree that social media is an imperative for ecommerce sector.
    Meaning: Ecommerce business people are aware of that social media affects their business success in a positive way when used professionally.
Here is the conclusion; you may not see direct effects of social media on your sales. But we should admit that it has the ability to raise brand awareness, enhance customer loyalty, develop marketing insights, improve use of SEO, make your business worldwide, and influence your customers’ purchase behaviors over the long term.


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