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The importance of domain name in ecommerce business

One of the issues that people think over before they start ecommerce is the domain name they will use for their business. At the first phase a lot of people start with the name they decided before but when they want to register that name they recognize that it is already used. There are billions of domain names that are registered with a lot of different variations and this makes things more difficult.

What is the importance of domain name?

Even if the success of your ecommerce site is not totally based on this, it also should be accepted that right domain name has a positive effect. But when we analyze the brand names which we often use in daily life, they are not very attractive. The positive effects of these brands are formed in time. Domain name is essential at the beginning for the ecommerce business. Here we collected some important tips to be careful about domain name. Related Post: Finding the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business [Infographic] First of all don’t forget that domain name is a measure, found at the search results. For example, if you sell souvenirs and you aim to reach the results for “gift”, a domain name including this word would provide an advantage for you. You shouldn’t forget that the domain name will be your brand name. It will be a right move to prefer a domain name that you will not have to change it later. It’s possible to change the domain name but you should take into account that will be a difficult period. And there are a lot of brands who have changed their domain names. If you would be able to increase your sales, it’s not a problem to change the domain name. We find it beneficial to remind you some important points to be careful about when you make your preference.

Short and catchy

If you want to easily make your customers remember your domain name, just be careful that your domain name is as short as possible and make sure that is easy to remember. And in the longer domain names are not meaningful words to keep in mind is more difficult. It’s much more difficult to remember long and meaningless words.

Avoid similar names

It will be more useful not to prefer a similar domain name as your competitors in the industry and well-known ecommerce sites. This may cause legal issues related to trademark registration of that company and can cause your customers to create a negative image about you.

Think as the customers do

Do not forget that the customers give particular importance to their own needs and try to see on their point of view on the step of decision. For example, it may be sensible to use the word of “mother” in an ecommerce site’s domain name for an ecommerce site on which you sell suitable for mothers interest, but it will be more sensible to take into account that mothers would buy for their “children” and “babies” and they will search using these words. E-commerce may be sale for you but for your customers it is purchasing transaction.If you have to prefer one of these words in your domain name, it would be more accurate to think like customers and to use the word of “get”.

Choice of domain name extensions

The world’s most popular domain name extension, .com, is not a chance. Because .com extension for users is more familiar for users we recommend you to use that as much as possible. If you’ve found a perfect domain name with a different extension and if you have difficulty in .com extension with a suitable domain name, it may be a good idea to use .net exention. Related Post: Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name in Ecommerce As we mentioned in the beginning most of the time your domain name will not be the cause of your success or failure. It’s much more important to present the best shopping experience to the customers.


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