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The Easiest Way to Measure the Benefits of Social Media Earnings

Social media is an effective marketing tool. It can be very useful for your ecommerce site in a lot of cases like increasing brand recognition, customer loyalty, presenting customer services or direct sales. Today everything on the internet is measurable but social media fell behind this advantage. You have chance to learn the amount of the traffic coming from social networks, and you can also estimate the conversion rate of the traffic coming from social networks. But measuring in this way how much you earn thanks to social media would provide you an approximate result. Fortunately there is another practical method.

Do social networks affect direct sales?

It’s said that social media has only a few effect on direct sales. This is not wrong if you take into account other advantages of social media. Effects of social networks are so high in terms of advertising the brand, building customer loyalty and establishing an emotional bond. We have already referred the advantages of social media for ecommerce. You can also read that text. But don’t ignore that you can also make direct sales through Facebook and Twitter. It’s possible to catch high sales potentials if these networks are used effectively. It’s important to measure it.

Easy formula: Gift Vouchers

You can measure the traffic coming from social media by the analysis tools or in other words you can learn how much you earn thanks to these channels. But the results of the conversion rates of these clicks may not be realistic. The reason is all of your shares may not be related to sale. And seasonal fluctuations would make it difficult to measure.

Different codes for different networks

You can separately measure how much you earn from Facebook and Twitter creating different codes. So it will be easy to decide which network is more profitable for you. It’s possible to compare results publishing these two different codes simultaneously or in different times. If you want to make a comparison, be careful that the voucher values and conditions are the same or close to each other. You can obtain a proper result. With Shopio’s great Socila Media Integration feature and easy-to-manage analytics tools integrations you will be one more step from your competitors. Try out Shopio today.


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