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Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment by Shipping Fee Promotions

Customers add an item to their online carts and online shop owners possibly think they follow through with their purchase and complete the procedure. But unfortunately shopping cart abandonment is a big challenge for ecommerce business. Make a guess what is the percentage of cart abandonment in a whole online business sector. 10% or 20%, you guess? After learning the abandonment rate, you will be greatly surprised. 67.75% is an average of 21 different studies performed on online cart abandonment during the last 8 years. How high it is, isn’t it! And any abandoned shopping cart causes shop owners lose money and get disappointed about their lovely online shops.

How to prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment caused by Shipping Fee

Why Customers Abandon their Shopping Carts? Let’s see a research prepared to show the percentages of reasons to abandon carts. We have written 3 of them related to Shipping Fee and related hidden costs:
  • 57% don’t want to pay shipping costs
  • 48% notice the total cost of the purchase was more than expected
  • 41% use the shopping cart to determine shipping cost
As you see above, main reason of cart abandonment is “Shipping Fee”. Customers like buying online but don’t like to pay for shipping. Yes, we admit they are a bit tough but you need to be ready for tough customers as a potential ecommerce “hero”. Another reason is surprise charges coming out in the checkout process and discourages potential buyers from purchasing the items in their cart. Now, let’s look for the solution to recover abandoned shopping carts and strategies to turn the tables.

1. Offer Free Shipping

  • 57% => I didn’t want to pay shipping costs
  • Free Shipping is one of the most effective ways to persuade online customers to purchase the items in their carts. But you need to find a method to prevent free shipping promotion from hurting your online store margin.
Here you can find the most employed tactics in free shipping promotion:
  • Create deadlines and announce these deadlines through ads. This makes your shoppers decide and buy quickly while shopping in your online store.
  • Get promotions valid on orders over a certain amount. Shoppers will try to buy more items to get the free shipping promotion.
  • Promote free shipping after the sale. Offer your customers free shipping codes after they’ve made a purchase from your online store.

2. Manage Unexpected Charges*

  • 48% => I noticed the total cost of the purchase was more than I expected
  • 41% => I used the shopping cart to determine shipping cost
Shipping costs are considered as “additional” fee by customers and buyers. So you should behave professionally in managing these unexpected extra charges. So here are a few tips about unexpected costs such as shipping fee:
  • Do not to hide extra charges such as shipping fee until checkout. Surprise charges added to the total cost may get customers angry and abandon their carts without a purchase.
  • Always prefer to add shipping cost to the total amount ahead of time so your customers will stop using their carts as a calculator for calculating shipping costs.
  • Let your customers know all kind of additional fees (shipping or sales tax) they will pay before they have entered all of their billing information.
Don’t let shipping fees be the reason your customers abandon their shopping carts.


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