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Stop Blaming Yourself! – 10 “Out of Date” Seo Tactics That aren’t Useful Anymore

As a rookie online investor, may be the most hard and nerve-racking part is dealing with the SEO. I seem to hear your “yeah, tell me about it” speeches =) But there is a good side of it: You are not alone with that! (Ok I accept, there are no good sides in that). There are tons of SEO strategies and tactics that used to work well, but now have little to no value. SEO changes on a constant basis, and what worked even as little as six months ago might be completely useless today. (Which drives you crazy!) I may help you a little with this infographic whic has published by Cartoozo, at least, you can narrow your priorities about SEO and save time for you (may be money if you are paying a SEO Company). Above all, you can stay calm for longer =) Enjoy your gorgeous infographic below.

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Stop Wasting Your Time - 10 Out of Date Seo Tactics That aren't Useful Anymore


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