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Stand Out from the Crowd! Make Your Online Store Design Uniquely Different

There are many online stores out there, how do you make your online store stand out? It is true that there are many things to consider if you want to make a well-designed and structured online store, so much so that designing it can sometimes be exhausting and frustrating at times. However, the effort that you put into designing your online store is bound to pay off in the future, in the form of conversion rates, reputation management and customer acquisition. Yes, the way that your online store is designed can have a great effect on the online shoppers’ buying behaviour and the success of your ecommerce business as explained below.

A Unique Design

When a potential customer first enters your website or online store, they will immediately be greeted by your landing page, the colours and fonts, navigation tabs and others. If they don’t like what they see upon entering, they most likely will not linger long enough to look at your products. Online shoppers nowadays are very savvy and have high expectations of websites. They are not easily impressed, and a plain, dull and boring looking online store will definitely not encourage these shoppers to part with their cash. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression on these potential customers, so you need to make that count. Otherwise, you may never have a second shot at selling them your products.

Making It Different

Making a uniquely different designed online store can be challenging, but not at all impossible. There are certain tips and tricks which you can employ to achieve that look for your online store. One of those is to understand the different effects of your online store’s colours on the shoppers. Colours have a way of influencing consumer behaviour, and reflect the kind of image that you want to represent. In addition, it is always best to practice minimalism and avoid unnecessary clutter in your online store’s design. By keeping it simple, you can avoid looking like other online stores which are heavily populated with content and images which have nothing to do at all with the online store. The texts and fonts that you use also play a crucial role in the design of your online store. Avoid fancy fonts which are difficult to read and understand, as this is one sure way of disappointing potential customers. In line with this, avoid using the common Arial or Times New Roman fonts – they are old and traditional and does not add any flair to your online store’s design. Instead, spend some time looking for a readable yet rarely used type of font. You can also make use of flash and animations to further improve your website’s design and functionality. Not many online store owners use this because it takes quite some time to load on most browsers. However, these things have an appeal on online shoppers and you can take advantage of that by being one of the few online stores designed with such features. When designing your online store, always try to think outside the box. The sites mentioned in the following articles from Smashing Magazine are some of the forerunners of great looking online store designs, and you can take a look at them for some inspiration: Your online store is the virtual representation of your business, and with the tough competition, you would want your online store to be visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing at all times and cost. Thus, paying extra attention to colours, contrasts and other visual elements should be top considerations when designing your online store. Never settle for a mediocre and unprofessional looking website. Invest in a creative online store design like those offered by Shopio and you’ll see just how much more attractive and profitable your online store can be.
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